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Updates on city projects

Some of you asked at the picnic about these two projects, so we checked with city staff and got updates: Central Street calming – four speed bumps will be installed on Central between 8th & 11th. This project is currently out for bid. The city anticipates that the work will be done in September. Lions… Read more »

Notes from the city

We get periodic updates by email about things going on with the city. Here’s a few recent items: Roadway striping August 6 & 7, August 13 & 14. Streets to get new paint include Boulevard, State, and Fourth, as well as the downtown core. Read more about striping and a complete list of locations. Storm… Read more »

Traffic Circle: Call to Volunteers

Traffic Circles and Chicanes need volunteers! We’ve contacted the city to ask for a planting guide, and if you’re interested in helping with maintenance, contact the ENA or Lee Keech. If you are already taking care of a neighborhood traffic calming site, please let us know. Sent: Thursday, August 4, 2011 7:52 AM Subject: Maintenance… Read more »

Local Farms Selling Fresh Organic Produce at Convenience Store

As you may have heard, or read in the Olympian, there is a farm-to-market project at the Lucky 7 convenience store located at the corner of 4th Ave. and Eastside St, at the edge of our neighborhood. Now fresh organic produce direct from the farmer is available right nearby on days when the Olympia Farmers… Read more »

Great First Cleanup at Fairview Pathway

Five volunteers came out on Sunday, July 24 to clear brush and brambles from the green space next to the pathway on Fairview between 10th and Union. It was hot, but with tenacity and water, we got about halfway through cleaning up underneath the trees. Check out photos of the pathway in progress. What’s next?… Read more »