Sub-Area Planning

The Eastside Neighborhood is attempting to become the second area in Olympia to undertake sub-area planning.

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Mission and Vision

The mission of the Sub-area plan (plan) is to further the goals, policies, and values of Olympia’s Comprehensive Plan at the neighborhood level. The plan will strive to include broad and diverse neighborhood participation in order to improve our neighborhood in the areas most important to our neighborhood, which may include, but aren’t limited to the topics addressed in the Comprehensive Plan:

  • Public participation
  • Natural environment
  • Land Use and Urban Design
  • Transportation
  • Utilities
  • Public Health, Parks, Arts and Recreation
  • Economy
  • Public Services (Police, Fire, Emergency Medical, etc.)

This plan will lay the foundation for a neighborhood that is more inclusive, united, and cohesive, thus helping to achieve an improved quality of life for all people who are a part of our community.


A Charter has been developed that forms the basis of this process with the city. It is currently on track for council approval, which in turn will start the process.


As we prepare to reach out to the neighborhood we plan on using number of social media and traditional platforms to reach as many residents as possible.

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