Coming Up:

July 13th: 4-7 p.m.

LYBERGER between Union and 10tn and the Southeast Corner of Lions Park

It’s potluck with an open grill and local businesses supply goodies like hotdogs and burgers. Bring your kids and friends-it’s a great way to meet people and enjoy the weather! Learn more at

FREE> Rods ‘N Reels Event – June 8th Noon – 4 pm at Lions Park

Proudly co-sponsored by Rod n Reels, the Eastside Neighborhood Association, and the Olympia Lions Club, this event promises a reel good time for the whole family!

  • Exciting Fishing Demos
  •  Expert Tips and Techniques
  • Interactive Workshops
  • Free Rods and Reels
  •  And much, much more!
  • Including delicious refreshments, and FREE hotdogs! 

Whether you’re a seasoned angler or just dipping your toes into the world of fishing, this event is perfect for anglers of all ages and skill levels.

Mark your calendars and be sure to join us on June 8th at the Pavilion located in Lions Park  for an unforgettable afternoon! 

It’s time to show up for Madison and McKenny schools in a big way!

Public hearings are scheduled to be held by the district in the gymnasiums of the schools proposed for closure:

Monday, February 26th, 6:00 pm at Madison Elementary School;
Thursday, February 29th, 6:00 pm at Margaret McKenny Elementary School

Whether or not you have a close tie to either school, your presence will be have a positive impact for the Eastside Neighborhood.

For Madison: Sign up online between 8:00 am Friday, Feb. 23rd – 4:00 pm Sunday, Feb. 25th OR in person/via Zoom the night of the hearing. If prompted, indicate you are part of the Madison community.  

For McKenny: Sign up online between 8:00 am Monday Feb. 26th – 4:00 pm Wednesday, Feb. 28th OR in person/via Zoom the night of the hearing. If prompted, indicate you are part of the McKenny community. 

We hope to see you there! At the meeting, we will have materials for you about the school closure proposal. Bring signs, wear Madison and McKenny gear, and show your support. The district has not yet coordinated child care so please, consider this a family-friendly event!

Please reach out with any questions you have and let me know if you’ll be in attendance.  [email protected]

And lastly, please reach out within your circles to spread the word !

Thanks so much! Miriam Hathaway
Madison parent and OSD4ALL volunteer

Coming in February

We’re looking for neighbors and friends to join in a CLOTHING SWAP coming on Feb. 24th! The event will take place at the First United Methodist Church of Olympia , 1224 Legion Way SE. (More info. will follow next week.) In the meantime, start gathering your give-aways for all ages, sizes and genders! Clothes should be clean and in good condition.

Annual Meeting-Open to the Public

November 15, 7:00 p.m. at the Swantown Inn Please join us as we look back on past accomplishments and events and plan for the upcoming year. There will be a slideshow highlighting what your Eastside Neighborhood Association has been part of in the past and a call for ideas from the neighborhood for future projects. Olympia Homeless Coordinator, Kim Kondrat, will be a guest speaker.
…plus Refreshments

Let your voice be heard.

Don’t miss this years’ Talent Show! October 14, 2023

The Eastside Neighborhood Association is sponsoring a free, family-friendly variety show that will be held on October 14th from 3-5 p.m. at the Swantown Inn, 1431 11th Ave. SE in Olympia. People of all ages are welcome to attend. In addition to performances, the event will include an intermission with refreshments, and a chance to get to know one another in a friendly social setting.

Our goal is to include a wide variety of performances that will appeal to people of all ages. It is not a competition, just an afternoon of entertainment. The show will include performances such as poetry, singing, guitar, story-telling and piano.

We expect it to be a fun event, and hope you bring your friends!

If you have questions, or would like to be one of the performers at the event, contact Roger Horn at [email protected].

Picnic time! August 12th, from 4-7 p.m.

This year’s picnic is at Lion’s Park, Aug 12, from 4-7 p.m.

The Annual Summer Picnic has been held at Lion’s Park by the ENA for as long as any current board members can remember (so at least 20+ years, if you can confirm earlier please let us know!). It is sometimes a small affair, and other years larger with organized activities (We apply for Neighborhood Block Grants but do not always receive them).  It always includes a main dish (burgers or hotdogs) provided by the ENA, with neighbors bringing side dishes and desserts. Various local businesses, such as Eastside Big Tom’sRalphs Thriftway and the Eastside Olympia Food Co-op usually donate items as well.

If you are interested in supporting the neighborhood in this event, here are things we need;

VOLUNTEERS: help is needed both ahead of the date and at the event. We’re especially looking for cooks! Ideally, we have two people at any one time prepping, cooking and serving.

FOOD!: Bring a dish or some chips or whatever you can contribute. 🙂

Contact us if you’re interested in any of these opportunities!

June 12, 2024 Meeting Minutes

ENA Board Meeting

June 12, 2024, 7:00 PM

1613 Union Avenue SE

Members Present

Sherry Chilcutt (President), Roger Horn (Vice President), Jim Sweeney (Secretary), Karen Clemens (CNA Representative), Cheryl Bayle, Abigail Twombly, Jim Rioux (Treasurer)


Jonnita Thompson and Terese Vogel

1) Approval of the minutes

The May 8th minutes were approved as submitted.

2) Treasurer Report

Checking                          $636.25

Savings                              965.52

Neighborhood Signs          1,309.78

Legion Way Trees                554.21

Community Beautification     411.21

Total                             $3,876.97

Sherry explained a $388 insurance policy which was triggered by the Rod N Reel event. The policy is effective for one year and covers other events, including painting the mural.

We received $17 in donations at the Rod N Reel event.

A $100 gift certificate was presented to the artist for repainting the mural on Central Street after it was vandalized.

Jim R. proposed consolidating the ENA’s three different savings accounts into one general savings account. It was so moved, seconded and approved unanimously.

3) Rod N Reel event

It was generally agreed the event was a success. There was a good crowd at the Park, the kids had a fun time and we served 100 hot dogs. The Timberline Library booth was a nice addition.

The new banners looked great and the Board thanked Abigail for making that happen.

We will decide later if the ENA wants to sponsor this event next year.

The Board voted unanimously to reimburse Sherry for buying the food.

4) Beerwerks event

This event also brought out a good crowd. All agreed it was a great way to meet people from the neighborhood. There was considerable discussion about having more regular get-togethers. Jonnita talked about events for people who don’t like going to meetings. We discussed having a place or places for regular events. The Swantown Inn was recommended for indoor events, ideally when coffee service is available, and Lions Park for outdoor events. Later we may be able to use meeting space at the Armory. Several people mentioned having speakers such as those at annual meetings. Jim R. & Jonnita agreed to work on speakers and regular meeting places.

5) Block Parties

Two parties are scheduled so far — Lybarger Street & Lions Park. Sherry has a Street Closure Permit for Lybarger.

Karen said she thinks block parties fill a local need which is not met otherwise. She intends to get together with Dan and others to plan a party on McCormick Street next year.

Roger said Adrian is planning a party next year on 5th Avenue.

6) CNA Report 

Karen described Tim Smith’s report on new development proposals. Two West Bay Drive projects are particularly controversial. Also, a 300-unit affordable housing project is planned on the westside, north of SR 101.

Fiber optics cables are being installed underground by Ziply Fiber.

Councilmember Vanderpool attended the Congress for New Urbanism in Cincinnati in May. One topic he mentioned is breaking up large projects into smaller increments.

Larry Dzieza is working to put together a “Sounding Board” on neighborhood issues for the CNA.

Jim R. explained the list of funded sidewalk projects was developed previously based on input from the Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee. The list is available on the City’s website:

Abigail mentioned the Design Review Board recently reviewed a 5-story mixed use building with 87 residential units to be built at 411 Legion Way (Legion and Jefferson).

7) Annual Picnic Change of Date — Saturday August 10th, 4-7 PM

Cheryl asked about music. Sherry suggested a person from the Hat Museum. Jonnita knows a couple of bands, including an Old-timey music band. Karen said other RNAs sometimes pay $500 for entertainment.

8) Mural update

Sherry sent the final design to Lydia and Hank has agreed to power wash the wall.

9) Other items

Tim Smythe is in talks with the Parks Department about planting a tree at the Armory. He may be able to use the ENA funds set aside for trees last year. It’s early for this discussion as the Armory’s exterior design is still fluid.

Sherry mentioned the Utility Advisory Committee would like more transparency on utility bill surcharges and what they’re being used for.  

Jim R. reported the City recently purchased a parcel of land near the Indian Creek wetland as suggested in The Eastside Subarea Plan.

Whitney has an ENA sign which we need to recover.

Sherry reported the Mail Chimp system is not functioning well at present.

10) Armory Historical Sign

Jim S. provided an update on the sign program the Military Department agreed to do. The Department agreed to hold three stakeholder meetings. Two of these were held but the third is on-hold pending consultations with the Tribes.

The meeting adjourned at 8:34 PM.

Block Parties July 13th 4-7PM

🎉 Join Us for a Block Party Extravaganza! 🎉

Date: July 13th, 4-7PM
Two Locations: SE Corner of Lions Park & Lybarger between 10th & Union Ave SE

Come one, come all to our fabulous Block Party! Get ready for an afternoon of fun, food, and festivities right in your own backyard. This potluck-style gathering is all about bringing our community together for a fantastic time.

What to Expect: 🍔 Grill On: We’ll fire up the grill for some delicious BBQ favorites. Bring your best potluck dish to share, and let’s enjoy a feast together! We’ll have some hot dogs to get things started.

🎈 Games Galore: Feel free to bring games for kids & adults. We will likely have some activities.

🎶 Musical Vibes: Feel free to bring a musical instrument.

Neighbors and Community Unite: This event is all about strengthening bonds and building friendships. Whether you’re a longtime resident or new to the neighborhood, come out and meet your neighbors while celebrating summer in style.

Don’t miss out on the highlight of the season! Mark your calendars for July 13th and let’s make this Block Party one for the books. See you there!

For more information or to RSVP, contact Sherry Chilcutt 360-888-0960.

Let’s make memories together!

May 8, 2024 Meeting Minutes

ENA Board Meeting

May 8, 2024, 7:00 PM

1613 Union Avenue SE

Members Present

Sherry Chilcutt (President), Roger Horn (Vice President), Jim Sweeney (Secretary), Karen Clemens (CNA Representative), Cheryl Bayle, Abigail Twombly

1) Approval of the minutes

The April 10th minutes were approved as submitted.

2) Treasurer Report

CHECKING – $636.25

SAVINGS – $965.39




TOTAL – $3,876.53

3) Rod N Reel Extravaganza! – Saturday June 8th noon to 4PM

Sherry wrote advertising copy for publishing on the ENA website and distribution.   

4) Beerwerks Meet-up – Friday May 10th 3-6PM

We will post a sandwich board sign in front of Beerwerks prior to the event. The Board agreed to promote “Oly Camp Kitties” by distributing flyers at the event.

5) Roosevelt Elementary School Plant Sale – Sunday May 19th  

The school is asking for donations.

6) CNA Report 

Karen reported on recent issues including neighborhood police and the ongoing Neighborhood Centers study.

Jim added an update on the April 25th LUEC meeting. Councilpersons mentioned the Swantown Inn coffee shop during discussions. The Planning Commission will be holding a digital open house on May 16.

7) Mural

Laurel Henn may be interested andSherry will attend her reception on May 17th to discuss painting the mural.

8) ENA Banners

Abigail presented several design concepts. The Board discussed how to design a banner which will be welcoming to all, and whether to order more than one. We can use savings if the grant money doesn’t cover the entire cost. The estimate for two banners is about $250.

9) Block Parties – Saturday July 13th

Sherry will soon begin an outreach to potential hosts.

10) Sidewalk app

The Board discussed the usefulness of the Survey 123 phone app and the survey data in general. It was suggested we attempt to grid the entire neighborhood and enter as much information on the condition of our sidewalks as possible. Jim said he will work up a map showing blocks that haven’t yet been surveyed.

11) Event Speaker

It was suggested we invite Chris Hyde (the ‘Soup Man’ from the northeast neighborhood) to speak at an ENA event such as the fall festival. You can reach him in the following ways:

[email protected]

Or message directly on FB:

12) Comprehensive Plan Utilities Chapter

Sherry reported on the Utility chapter update. Next steps will include referral to the Equity and Justice Committee and talking to LOTT.

13) Strong Towns

Jim talked about the recent Strong Towns event at Well 80, and an upcoming ‘Congress for the New Urbanism’ conference in Cincinnati that Councilperson Vanderpool will be attending.

Jim also connected with the statewide local conversation Strong WA.

14) Armory

Jim described the April 30th City Council meeting during which they introduced the Armory Creative Partner organizations.

15) B&B Apartments rebuild

The City reviewed a plan to rebuild the apartments at 2104 State Avenue. The ENA previously indicated it would like to be involved in the review process when it goes to the Design Review Board.

The meeting adjourned at 8PM.