July 2016 Board Meeting Minutes

July 2016 Board Meeting Minutes

747 Boulevard Rd SE  7pm – 8:45pm
Monthly Board Meeting of the Eastside Neighborhood Assoc.
Board members in attendance:  Brian Brannies, Rita Sammons, Sherry Cillicut, Sam Green, Sheena Pietzold, Susan Herring, Jim Sweeney, Charlotte Claybrook
Others:  Roger Horn
Absent:  Melissa Bluestein, Nathan Allen


Treasurer’s Report by Sherry Cillicut
   $692        Checking Account
~$1100      Savings
   $500       Community Beautification

Annual Picnic
Will be on Aug. 20,  4 – 7pm, Lion’s Park
Brian stated that the application and insurance fees will be approx $150.  Sam moved, seconded by Brian, to spend no more than $200 on fees.  Motion was approved.
Brian will explore potential donations from Michael at Big Tom’s, Ralph’s Thriftway, and the Olympia Food Co-op.  Brian moved, seconded by Charlotte, to approve a potential expenditure of $200 for food budget.  Motion was approved.
Food preparation plans will be finalized at the next Board Meeting on Aug. 17.

Garage Sale Update by Susan Herring
on July 23, 9 – 3pm.
Discussion of advertising strategies such as craigslist and Nextdoor
Google map created

Eastside Crime and Safety Committee (ECSC) by Roger Horn
Roger is a member of the newly-formed ECSC which is addressing crime and safety issues impacting the Eastside neighborhood. He along with Whitney Bowerman and a few other community members have met with Todd Cunningham (Code Enforcement) and will soon meet with Amy Stull (OPD), and Paul Simmons (Parks Dept.) to discuss these issues.
The concept of ECSC becoming an Ad-Hoc Subcommittee of the ENA was discussed.  It was decided to postpone that decision. Sam moved, seconded by Jim, to have an ENA representative attend the ECSC meetings and an ECSC representative attend the ENA meetings .   Motion was approved.  The next ECSC meeting will be held Aug. 4.
In an effort to promote community bonding, the ECSC is organizing Block Parties, scheduled for Aug. 26, 5 – 8pm.  There will be 4 locations, hosted by 4 neighborhood members.  Charlotte moved, seconded by Sherry, that the ECSC Block Parties be sanctioned by the ENA.  Motion was approved. Use of ENA signs to advertise the Block Parties was OK’d

Update on Nuisance Houses
The duplex on Central has an eviction notice effective September 19.
There is another possible nuisance house located at 715 Chambers.

Roundabout Cleanup
The roundabout at 9th and Sawyer will be cleaned up and replanted this fall.  More details to follow.

There has been discussion of a community rat problem on Nextdoor.

CNA Update from Sam Green
Cannabis shops – no concern from CNA over licensed shops, citizens are urged to report suspected unlicensed sellers
Opportunity for Olympia Initiative will likely go to a public vote in November (1.5% income tax)
Olympia Municipal Parks District will have hearings to set tax rate for parks levee
ONNA Subarea Plan has been released on website
Olympia 2016 Construction Projects have been announced and are ongoing

Minutes submitted by Rita Sammons

May 2016 Board Meeting Minutes

Swantown Inn Bed & Breakfast, 1431 11th A15ve SE (corner of Central)
Wednesday, May 18th, 2016, 7:00PM – 9:15PM
Monthly Board meeting of the Eastside Neighborhood Association
Board Members in Attendance: Brian Brannies,  Nathan Allan, Rita Sammons, , Susan Herring, Jim Sweeny, Sam Green, Sherry Cillicut.

Absent : Sheena Pietzold, Charlotte Claybrook, Melissa Bluestein


  • Neighborhood Garage Sale to be held week after Lakefair, Susan Herring taking charge of organizing. Date possibly July 23rd.
  • Crime and Safety
    • There is continued displeasure within the neighborhood about the Duplex on Central.
    • There was a spirited discussion on causes and frustration of a lack of perceived feedback from City Council and OPD.
    • A motion was  made by Jim to write a letter to city council regarding problem properties with possible actions, and for that letter to be presented at next Tuesday’s Council meeting by Brian. The motion was seconded by Sherry and unanimously passed.
    • Also tlak of helping neighbors formally with light
  • CNA Update from Sam Green
    • Discussion on Earthquake Preparedness and Disaster Plans at a neighborhood level.
    • Discussion on pathways and alleys being better lit
    • Discussion on Ne Neighborhood and their role in piloting subarea planning. The city has dragged its feet on this process and locked out other neighborhoods.
    • Push to covert septics to LOTT sewer. Very expensive and not many residences are doing it, cost is $30K+ per property. Run off from farms and landscaping causes huge nitrate problem in Henderson Inlet.
    • Arts Commission doing study on new Welcome Signs/Art for Olympia
    • Neighborhood Grants process, drawn out and inequitable.
  • Treasurers Report
    • Checking  $451.97
    • Savings  $1061.22
    • Signs $1298.30
    • Trees $151.59
    • Beautification  $506.01

Minutes submitted by Nathan Allan, Joint ENA Secretary

2016 Madison Plant Sale – Saturday, May 7th

Annual and perennial plant and vegetable starts professionally grown and affordably priced.  All proceeds benefit the school’s garden program.  This is a great one-stop spot for Mother’s Day gifts.  Ready made baskets and build your own for a special Mother’s Day!


Madison Elementary Parking Lot,

1225 Legion Way SE, Olympia


Your purchase directly supports the school’s garden enrichment programs including: the Giving Garden outdoor learning lab, all-school farmers market stands and a mobile classroom cooking cart.


Simply print out the PDF and post locally to your neighbors and friends.

PDF: Madison Plant Sale Flyer 2016

Meeting re: Crime in the Eastside – April 27, 7:00 pm, Methodist Church

Join neighbors, along with staff from the Olympia Police Department, to discuss neighborhood concerns regarding burglaries, drug houses, and general crime in the Eastside neighborhood. The meeting will include staff from the Olympia Police Department.

First United Methodist Church, 1224 Legion Way SE (corner of Legion & Boundary)
Wednesday, April 27, 2016, 7:00PM

March 2016 Board Meeting Minutes

Swantown Inn Bed & Breakfast, 1431 11th A15ve SE (corner of Central)
Wednesday, March 16th, 2016, 7:00PM – 8:15PM
Monthly Board meeting of the Eastside Neighborhood Association
Board Members in Attendance: Brian Brannies, Sheena Pietzold, Nathan Allan, Rita Sammons, , Susan Herring, Jim Sweeny, Sam Green, Charlotte Claybrook.

Others: Roger Horn, LouEllyn Jones

Absent (Excused): Sherry Cillicut, Melissa Bluestein


  • Master Calendar updates
    • Agreed to keep board meetings on third Wednesday at 7pm. Also to keep them to an hour if possible.
    • Annual Picnic set to 20th August (unless another major event is found to fall on that day)
    • Neighborhood Garage Sale to be held week after Lakefair, Susan Herring taking charge of organizing
  • Nuisance Houses
    • There is continued displeasure within the neighborhood about the Duplex on Central, and a home on Sawyer.
    • The Sawyer street property appears to be more of a code enforcement issue and efforts have been made with OPD and Code Enforcement to make the property a better neighbor.
    • The Central Street Duplex is more of an OPD issue. OPD and Code Enforcement are both well aware of the problems. Activity is being tracked by officers. It is highly recommended that neighbors call in all suspicious activity to 911.
    • It has been suggested by members of other neighborhood groups that some or all of the following actions be undertaken;
      • reaching out to landlords
      • calling in every single little disturbance or illegal activity to 911
      • the addition of signage that notes “Neighborhood Watch” is in effect in the area
      • legal action against landlords to seize or penalize the property if problems are not fixed.
    • A number of board members noted similar problems in past residences. Board embers also offered assistance in undertaking the before-mentioned actions.
  • CNA Update from Sam Green
  • Treasurers Report
    • A motion was made by Nathan and seconded by Susan, to remove Luke Bowerman from the ENA Bank Account and to add Brian Brannies. Vote was taken and passed unanimously.
    • ACTION ITEM: Sherry to provide Brian with necessary documentation to facilitate this.
    • Checking $339.26
    • Savings $1061.00
    • Neighborhood signs $1298.05
    • Legion way trees $151.53
    • Community beautification $505.86

Minutes submitted by Nathan Allan, Joint ENA Secretary

Bike Corridor Pilot Project

Just in from the City of Olympia,  Michelle Swanson 

The project is going to begin construction in late April. We will be notifying affected property owners along the route, but I wanted to make sure you and your neighborhood association knew about it, too.  The route will go from Lions Park to Sylvester Park downtown.  We’ve updated our website to give people some quick information about the project.

You might recall that the project will be to add special signs and pavement markings to some quiet, small streets in the neighborhood. We will also be making some changes to three intersections – which are shown on the map – so it will be easier for people biking and walking to get across the streets.

We’ll be having an Open House about the project here at City Hall on March 30th from 6:00 pm until 8:00 pm. I am also hoping to have a Saturday meeting at Lions Park in early April. I’ll send separate, official invitations to both events as they draw closer.

hank you!

Michelle Swanson, AICP | Senior Program Specialist

City of Olympia Public Works |Transportation


Bike Corridor Project

Thurston Transportation Oriented Development

This post is in reference to the property north of Boulevard, formerly known as the “Medela” site.

It was recently incorporated in to the City of Olympia, as it was an “island” of county. It was then rezoned by the city.

The Thurston Transportation Oriented Development (TTOD) came and spoke at our Annual General Meeting and promised to share more details on the proposed project.


Thank you for the opportunity to spend time with ENA last week, and the hospitality.

TTOD’s website has been updated with a Gardens at Indian Creek Project Page, and links to the UW Early Feasibility Analysis body of work.


We’ll keep you posted on progress.



Ron Niemi | Thurston Transportation Oriented Development | www.ttod.org

An Affordable Housing Nonprofit Organization


February 2016 Board Meeting

Swantown Inn Bed & Breakfast, 1431 11th Ave SE (corner of Central)
Wednesday, February 17th, 2016, 6:30PM – 7:30PM
Monthly Board meeting of the Eastside Neighborhood Association.


  • Welcome new board members
  • Election of Officers
  • Dog waste stations update
    • Can we afford to purchase more bags?
  • Traffic Circle Beautification
    • Nathan Reached out to Master Gardener, Penny Longwell, for suggestions on plantings. She needs to know the exact locations. 
    • Do we also want to be pollinator friendly? See what that means here.
  • Annual Summer Picnic
    • Neighborhood Match Grant. Do we apply again?
  • Annual Garage Sale
    • Shall we try to ramp this up again? Need a volunteer co-ordinator to do so.
  • CNA
    • Shall we try to represent here?
  • Treasurers Report
  • New business.

Please note you do not need to be a board member to attend. We start promptly at 6:30pm.

ENA Annual General Meeting Tomorrow

ENA postcard

Tomorrow evening is the neighborhood association general meeting.

The Agenda can be viewed here.

You may have received the postcard pictured above.

If you did not, it could mean a number of things;

  1. You gave us your email and we emailed you the meeting notice instead
  2. We do not have the correct address details for you. In that case please email us and let us know who and where to post to.
  3. You are a fan of the ENA yet do not live in our boundaries.

If you received and postcard and it was not addressed to the current occupier of your home;

  1. Contact us, and tell us your name, address and email (we prefer sending email as it is free!)

If you would like to save the ENA money;

  1. Contact us, and provide your name, address and email. Tell us you would rather get an email!

Notes about the Postcard Mailing:

  1. Eastside Big Toms was our postcard sponsor. They sponsored the entire thing!
  2. Our volunteer Board Members walked most of the neighborhood and verified addresses as best as possible.
  3. The Postcard was designed to get you to this web site. Hopefully you will opt-in for email and make future mailings cheaper.