Neighborhood Talent Show is a Great Success!

Our first in person talent show since 2019 was a great success and a pleasant step towards bringing our neighborhood together again. Seven acts entertained the attendees with songs and poetry. You can watch a video of the talent that was posted on the Salvation Army’s Facebook page by clicking on the link below.

First half of the show, click here.

There was a brief, social intermission.

Second half of the show, click here.

Have Your Voice Heard on Neighborhood Centers

The City of Olympia is in the process of re-evaluating how they promote Neighborhood Centers throughout the City. They have hired a consultant to review the City’s programs and that firm has released a draft report.

The ENA board heard from our members and included promotion of Neighborhood Centers in our 2020 Sub-Area Plan. The board also worked directly with City staff to get support for a neighborhood center in the Eastside Neighborhood. Unfortunately, City staff and their consultant have focused all of their efforts on 12 existing neighborhood center proposals. None of them in our neighborhood.

Why neighborhood centers?

Neighborhood centers are small walk, bike, and transit-friendly business clusters within residential neighborhoods that serve the day-to-day retail and service needs of local residents while fostering community interaction. Neighborhood centers are important to community-wide goals to increase walkability, reduce our carbon footprint, improve human health, and foster neighborhood resiliency.

One last chance to engage

Until August 12, you can still make your voice heard. The City has an on line survey on their Engage Olympia web page. Although that survey is primarily focused on the 12 proposed neighborhood centers, there are at least two questions where you can voice support for a Neighborhood Center within the Eastside Neighborhood. Please take time to visit the city’s website and or contact city staff directly and voice support for a Neighborhood Center in our neighborhood.

Visit the Engage Olympia web page to complete the survey.

Alert! Coyote Den in lower Eastside

If you have lived here any length of time, you would be aware that we have coyotes in the neighborhood.

We now have a very active pair with seven puppies located on Henry Street, which is just off 11th Avenue Southeast. The coyotes have been seen a lot more often during the day, not just in the green spaces but in driveways and other developed areas.

A neighbor has shared this album, along with the fact that they have killed a number of the neighbors cats. If you own a pet, we strongly advise you to keep it inside at night.

Department of Fish and Wildlife will not do anything. The coyotes were here long before it was as populated as it is now, just like the neighborhood deer.

Community Discussions: 7th Avenue Sidewalk

THE ENA Board’s Subarea Planning Core Team would like to invite all interested neighbors to a Community Discussion at the Swantown Inn & Spa during Community Clubhouse operation on December 19th between 11am and 12 noon.

The lack of a continuous sidewalk on 7th Avenue SE, linking the lower neighborhood with Lion’s Park has been an issue brought up constantly over the past 20 years. The Core Team has made real progress with the city in fixing this and would like to share developments.

Attendees will be treated to full coffee service and snacks, courtesy of the Swantown Inn & Spa.

For those who do not already know, the Community Clubhouse is a partnership between the Swantown Inn & Spa and ENA. You can read more about it here.

Community Clubhouse

The Eastside Neighborhood Association has partnered with the Swantown Inn & Spa, to create a community clubhouse for the neighborhood. Swantown Inn & Spa is located on the corner of 11th Avenue South East and Central Street.

This clubhouse is a place within the boundaries of the neighborhood for neighbors to walk to and meet friends and fellow neighbors. The Swantown Inn will offer their espresso service and baked goods to the outside visitors. If you need a space for a meeting, you can also reserve space in the ballroom and they can be prepared for your groups size.

Currently Swantown Inn serves espresso drinks, tea, coffee and a variety of baked goods. The Inn worked with Olympia Coffee Roasters for their espresso setup along with sourcing their beans. All of the baked goods are made in house, from scratch.

The clubhouse is in the ballroom on the left side of the Inn. You can purchase drinks and baked items outside at the window or inside the ballroom. giving you the perfect choice from a pandemic perspective. If you go inside a mask is a must, and pandemic protocols are followed.

Espresso and Baked Bites Logo

Opening hours are currently Friday, Saturday and Sunday, from 8am to Noon. Hours may be expanded if there is the demand. We would love to see you at the Inn! Our goal is to make our neighborhood more united and stronger, by fostering community.

The long term plan is to continue working with the city and have the area designated as a Neighborhood Center.