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Neighborhood Meeting Minutes July 2017

Present: Nathan, Brian, Sam, Sherry, Roger and Jim Location: Eagles Club 1) Discuss replacing missing neighborhood signs – Nathan is looking into it. National barricade (Aug-Oct research) 2) CNA a. Sort term rentals recommendations March b. Downtown strategy – character areas, parking strategy c. CNA joint meeting with planning com 9-11 nuisance ordinance, housing –… Read more »

Neighborhood Meeting Minutes September 2017

Present: Sam, Roger, Jim, and Charlotte Location: Eagles Club Minutes from August will be edited and approved by e-mail. No Treasurers Report 1. CNA Report • There was a joint planning committee meeting about nuisance houses and code enforcement issues. There was consideration for increasing fines. There was also a suggestion that the City use… Read more »

Neighborhood Meeting Minutes August 2017

Present: Nathan, Brian, Sam, Sherry, Roger, Jim, and Charlotte Minutes from July approved Treasurers report see attachment. Approved We have a little money. 1. CNA Report • There is a new system on the Smart Gov website that provides information about permit requests in Olympia it will also provide information about code violations in Olympia…. Read more »