Neighborhood Meeting Minutes August 2017

Present: Nathan, Brian, Sam, Sherry, Roger, Jim, and Charlotte
Minutes from July approved Treasurers report see attachment. Approved
We have a little money.
1. CNA Report
• There is a new system on the Smart Gov website that provides information about permit requests in Olympia it will also provide information about code violations in Olympia. There will be a hard launch in September. The city plans to digitize all past permit requests.
• The City has plans to extend West Bay Park but it hasn’t gone to the commission yet. They want to hire an artist and maybe involve the Squaxin Tribe. They want to build a path from Rotary Point to Westbay that would connect to Tug Boat annies. It would make a big W trail connecting Eastbay and Westbay.
• Candidate Forum (see below)
2. Sub-Area Plan meeting – Went OK. Last night during the city council meeting there was one concern was about the issue of the city getting information about the work from the planning committee instead of ENA Board. We may want to change the process to note that the planning committee’s work would be reviewed by the ENA Board but not arbitrarily changed by them. The Planning Committee is not accountable to the neighborhood, the ENA Board is. Otherwise they got full endorsement from the City Council. Next step will be an August 30th Planning Com Mtg. – to develop the outreach strategy. It will be held at Elk Lodge. The Sub-area core group will invite those who’ve singed on.
3. The downtown Neighborhood Association has ceded the area between us and Plum. There is a need to address this in the planning committee mtg. Our by-Laws say Eastside. It would be OK to include to Plum. The County “island” has been annexed by the city of Olympia. It makes sense to extend 2 blocks to Plum. We need to take steps to communicate with the city about it. Citizens that live there should have a say also. Note, the old department of revenue is going to be converted to apartments. Sam will draft a letter to the city and craft a plan for getting input from residents.
4. Summer Picnic – Ralph’s and Co-op were asked for donations. The Co-op OK’d $75-100. The money will be used to buy sides and condiments. Ralph’s will let us know later this week. We still need water, ice cream, juice, LaCroix and ice. Brian will bring his barbeque. Nathan spoke to Big Tom’s – he said yes, and he will confirm this week (1 box of burgers = 154 burgers – last year we got 2 boxes). We had some left over. The committee recommended asking for 2 boxes We need to pre-authorize $200 of spending for last minute needs – motion passed. Roger offered 24 vege burgers. Sherry will give Brian a gift card. Sam will gave Brian Co-op Goldcard for a 20% discount. Sam will help move the BBQ. Hank can bring speakers and maybe sing. We can hook the speakers up to an I-pod if needed. Got fruit and cut it up last time. Brian is looking for volunteers to help. We need to have subarea plan materials to hand out and maybe make an announcement about the candidate forum. We’ll need signs for the picnic, sign boards. Sam will prep a flyer and e-mail for comment. Sherry has 3, Nathan has others.
5. Candidate Forum – CNA people want to link up with us – Crana/Cane Road Neighborhood Association, South Capital Neighborhood Association, and Carlyn Neighborhood Association want to do it with us. Sam and representatives from those other Neighborhood Associations are meeting at 3:45 on August 25th to discuss it. Looking at a location and format. Maybe have prepared questions and have candidates answer questions. There was discussion about including speakers about the Home Fund, Public Safety, the port and school board elections? The group decided to focus on City Council candidates and public safety and home fund. Sheryl will talk about issues in favor. Counter point people will also be invited. Maybe do it at the Elks Lodge or New Bridge. The Board wants to do it in our neighborhood. We want to encourage collaboration between neighborhoods. One option for the forum is to give each candidate a table and allow people to walk around and talk to them. Schedule it for the October 4th mtg. at Elks Lodge; other Neighborhood Associations may have input about including candidates to talk about the port/school board issue. Roger will communicate with the candidates.
6. Continuing Business – Dog bag stations: PVC pipes could be used. Put them on the existing stations attached to the side. We could zip tie them up. Sherry/Hank will make them. The motion to purchase materials $10-30 per was passed. Jim volunteered to help. Bags that could go in the PVC pipes cost $150 from Amazon.
7. New Business – Winter 2018 Caroling and Walk Window Painting. Nathan’s place is a good jump off place for the walk. Volks-walk would be invited. January is an OK month. Could have more people. They need a new Volks-walk route in Olympia. It should be a 5k or 10k route. Spring event – talent show. Olympia Univ. Unitarians on December 9th are having a talent show. Roger will explore and let us know. Annual meeting in the Spring may be at Newbridge. Yearly cleanup day could be a Spring activity. Have someone from the Board lead that. Garage sale, thing should be picked up again

Seeking Performers for the Eastside Neighbor-Tainment Variety Show

When? Saturday, April 14th, 2:30 to 4:30

Where? Salvation Army Worship Center, 4th & Central

The Eastside Neighborhood Association is putting together a family-friendly variety show that will be held on Saturday, April 14th from 2:30 to 4:30 at the Salvation Army Worship Center on 4th and Central. People of all ages will be welcome to attend the event at no cost. In addition to performances, the event will include a break with refreshments and a chance to get to know one another, and a sing-along.  

Our goal is to include a wide variety of performances like dance, singing, poetry, instrumentals, skits, etc. done by performers of all ages. It’s not a competition, just an afternoon of entertainment. The performances could be by individuals or groups. We will allow a maximum of five minutes for each performance and there will be 15 slots available.

Sound interesting? If you would like to perform, please respond by e-mail to Roger Horn ( by Sunday, March 11th. In your e-mail, tell us the following:

  • What type of performance you will do
  • If it’s a group, how many are in it and what roles/instruments they will be playing
  • What equipment, facilities, etc. you will need (Note: the venue has microphones, a piano, projector, speakers, and stage lights that may be provided)
  • The age group of participants (elementary school, middle school, high school, college, or adult)
  • If they are students, what school they are representing
  • What neighborhoods the participants are from
  • Past performances of the individual or group, if any
  • E-mail address and phone number of the person to contact when we have info to share

Our Tainment Planning Team will select performers to fill the 15 slots. We will focus first on individuals and groups from the Eastside Neighborhood, then residents of other neighborhoods. Groups that include one or more members of the Eastside Neighborhood will be included in the first category.  We will then select acts that represent a variety of genres and ages. We plan to hold a pre-event meeting at the Salvation Army venue a couple days before the event to acquaint performers with the venue facilities and work out details and needs.

Thank you for considering performing at the show. We look forward to hearing from you. If you have questions, you can also send them to Roger Horn at

Thurston County Food Project Pick-up – February 10

The next Thurston County Food Project pick-up is coming up on Saturday, February 10. Please place your green bag on your porch by 9:00 am and your neighborhood coordinator will pick it up.

The suggested theme for February is canned fruit.
Wondering what the Food Project is and how to get involved? Learn more here, or contact Whitney at 360-556-0337 or

Survey – Tell us what you think and help progress in the Eastside!

Time crunch? Skip the explanation and TAKE THE SURVEY HERE.(otherwise read on!)

In August 2017, the Eastside Neighborhood Association (ENA) began working on sub-area planning for our neighborhood. Our goal with the plan is to lay the foundation for a neighborhood that is more inclusive, united, and cohesive, thus helping to achieve an improved quality of life for all people who are a part of our community.

The sub-area plan will further the goals, policies, and values of Olympia’s Comprehensive Plan at the neighborhood level. We strive to include broad and diverse neighborhood participation in order to improve our neighborhood. We’d like to hear from everyone interested in seeing the Eastside Neighborhood thrive.  

We also want to focus on the topics most important to our neighborhood. To do that, we need your help to decide which topics to focus on in the sub-area plan for our neighborhood. We recently hosted a neighborhood conversation where we began this discussion. Now we want to expand the conversation.

We encourage you to come and share your ideas and insights by taking a quick (10 question) survey.


Based on the results, we will move forward developing a sub-area plan focusing on the neighborhood’s priorities. Look for information about topic-specific meetings where we can explore topics and ideas for improvement in more depth and detail.

We really want and value input from everyone! Thank you for participating.


The ENA Board of Directors and Planning Committee