Called to order approx 7:30pm
Present: Elaine Nelson, Chad Akins, Jenni Fleming, Ruth Middlebrook, Yvonne Fish, Nancy Thompson, Kate Wulf

13th Avenue Pea Patch: Chad spoke with TJ Johnson about the ENA having a plot in their garden this year. Cost would be approximately $15. Motion to get the plot at that cost, with Darleen leading the project and Kate assisting. Seconded, approved.

Picnic: group discussed holding a bicycle event, decided on a small kid-focused activity. Elaine, Ruth, and (tentatively) Karen Rogers will organize the activity. Nancy volunteered to lead organization of the picnic along with Kate.

Website: Elaine is interested in getting more people writing to the blog, which is now set up to automatically post to Facebook and email. She will get Yvonne and Darleen started.

Neighborhood block grant: Chad mentioned this opportunity, discussed applying for funds for the picnic. Elaine will be applying to get plants for the Fairview Pathway project. She will also send out an email when she’s ready to have volunteers for cleanup at the location.

Next potluck: date set for May 16 at the Light & Life Church building.

Newsletter: Elaine suggested a one-sheet newsletter to be put out ASAP, mostly to recruit picnic volunteers. The group agreed, and she will get a schedule out tomorrow. Ruth will contact delivery volunteers, and Jenni will send potential volunteer contact info to Ruth. Darleen volunteered to write something about the garden plot.

Adjourned approximately 8:15pm