Facilitated by ENA President Luke Bowerman
Wednesday, April 17, 2013
Meeting started at 6:30 at the Swantown Inn


  • Board Members: Nathan Alan, Luke Bowerman, Whitney Bowerman,  Sherry Chilcutt, Sandia Slaby, Andrew Beattie, Roberta Golden,  Bev Kooi, Nancy Thompson, Mitch Dennis, Pat Bayle, Jennie Fleming
  • Neighborhood Residents: Domenico Spatola-Knoll, Katie _?_, Karen Rogers
  • Other Guests: Mike Voltz

Previous Meeting Minutes

Read and ratified March General Meeting Minutes

May Quarterly General Membership Meeting & Dinner

Join your neighbors for dinner!
Wednesday, May 15, 2013, 5:30PM until 7:00PM;  location confirmed:
New Bridge Community Church,  810 Central (at the corner of 10th & Central)
ENA will provide hot dogs & veggie dogs & fixin’s, & please bring a side dishes or dessert to share – potluck.  The church will open their cafe & offer complimentary coffee & italian sodas.

Meeting Agenda:

  • Introduction & ENA 2013 Projects (15 minutes)

  • Individual Disaster Preparation (15 minutes) by Sandia Slaby & Paul Peck & Cedar Boya from the NORTH Eastside  Neighborhood and:

  • Smith Building / Family Shelter & Affordable Housing Project at 8th & Pear St., across from the OLD City Hall, (15 minutes) by  Coalition of Neighborhood Association representative.

  • Introduction & ENA 2013 Projects (15 minutes)

ENA Garage Sale

Saturday July  20, 2013,  9-4 pm

Advertising  will be published on/in free locations including Craig’s List, WIP (Works In Progress),  OP&L (Olympia Power & Light), the city Website,  &  KAOS radio’s “community billboard”.  Households that are participating by having a sale that day are asked/encouraged to put up signs at major intersections near your home with the likes of:  “NEIGHBORHOOD Garage Sale – (with your address on them)” ,  and consider also having another sign AT your home saying sales are happening all around the ENA region – maybe with a map showing the boundaries of our ENA,  to prompt people to drive around.   Call Lee for more info & questions 943-1538.

Sidewalk Cleaning/Clearing Project

Further discussion was had re: proposal by Luke last month (to pick 5-10 of the most overgrown sidewalk locations in the neighborhood & spend a morning clearing them up).  A call for a Project Coordinator for this idea, but no one came forward for such.  It was suggested that we could use already established “Newsletter delivery routes” for an initial survey of possible candidate sites for this project, whereby volunteers would take one or more of those ‘routes’/areas and scout for sidewalk areas that are overgrown.  If anyone interested in coordinating such a  project, sooner or later, please contact Luke, ENA president.

Also discussed re: this project was the importance of getting an “ok” for any adjacent property owner before any such clearing occurred, & the issuing of a standard letter clearly stating our work would be a one-time neighborhood volunteer effort.

Though this was not in the scope of the initial proposal for this project, Bev Kooi expressed that in the fall, due to slippery leaves, is a time she could use help keeping her sidewalk strip clear on the 7th Ave hill (east of central).  This showed  how this proposed ‘project’ could possibly expand as we explore one idea of the neighborhood helping neighbors

Online Dues

Online dues paying update given by Luke:  He said that he & Nathan are  going to  write up a ‘Statement’:    “what your dues $$ pays for in our neighborhood?”, to present at the next board meeting  to help people understand why they are encouraged to pay dues to support the activities of the ENA, and to address some board member’s query of what we would do with the $$ if we raised the annual ENA dues amount, which was proposed at the last meeting & tabled.

Other Business

ENA Postcard

Luke presented a sample of the postcard that we agreed last month to send to by US Mail to all residents of the ENA addressing yearly events, etc.  He said they would try to get the boundaries of such a mailing that would best cover, but not exceed our ENA boundaries, but that it will not match precisely, as USPS can not delineate mailings by such criteria.

Sandwich Boards

Making some of these to use around the neighborhood to announce ENA meetings/events has been discussed numerous times over the years, and Mitch Dennis offered & will make a few before the May General Mtg.  Sandia said she could provide some hardware for that project.

Parks & Pathways Proposals

Brad Archibold reported that he submitted them  & that the city is to meet in the next week to review progress & budget on the current projects, and that that review will result in data about available funds for further projects, thus  “Stay tuned”!

ENA Bank Account

The ENA is removing Jenni Fleming and Nathan Allan from being the responsible parties  for the Eastside Neighborhood Association’s WSECU account (number 109001742212),  and placing Sherry Chilcutt (Treasurer), and Luke Bowerman (President) as the new responsible parties.  That transfer will officially take place at the banking institution in the next week.

Name Tags

Sandia proposed we get reusable name tags so we can learn one another’s names more easily  Following some discussion, it was suggested and agreed that Sandia will assess the price & present that info to the board as a purchase proposal that can be addressed via email soon, so we will have them before the May General Meeting.  We will also get single-use ones so everyone attending meetings can have a name tag.

Mike Voltz

Mike Voltz, who is running for City Council, introduced himself & asked to be scheduled for some time to address us at one of our meetings before the election primary in Aug. Luke agreed that we would make that possible.


Whitney announced that the Madison/Avanti Garden plant sale is Saturday, May 11, 2013.

Meeting adjourned at 7:30

Minutes by Sandia Slaby, Secretary