Minutes from the April board meeting.

Thursday April 17th 2008    Luke and Whitney’s house       the meeting was called to order by Elaine at 7:05

Members present    Nathan Allen                           Elaine Nelson

Ann Mataczynski                     Jessica Archer

Carol Wilson                           Whitney Bowerman

The minutes from the last meeting were read and approved.

Elaine let us know that there is about $1,300.00 in the treasury

Ann brought the distribution lists and routes for the newsletter.

Whitney was concerned that the newsletter was low on content. She feels like she filled it in pretty well

Nathan shared a report about the progress of the Garden committee.  The members of the committee are Stuart Reed, Tim McLeod, Ann Mataczynski, Casey Allen, and Nathan Allen.  They have contacted GRUB, the 13th avenue group and the city and are planning a formal response to the grant. The location in question is part of the Madison Scenic Park area.  The next meeting will be on Sunday April 27th at 12:00 at the Swantown Inn.  They will have a better delegation of responsibilities at this time and it was agreed that Stuart do take the lead since this is his project for his classes at Evergreen.

The newsletter will go out for distribution this weekend. Whitney wanted to remind people that she needs to get the information on time to get the newsletter out on time. Please be sure to get articles to her in a more timely manner.

Whitney also reminded us that the bylaws say that the agenda for meeting should be published in advance. Elaine said she will try harder to do that.

Sam will look into obtaining signs to put in yards letting people know about the general meetings and any upcoming events.

The open mic was a success at the last board meeting. It was thought to move it to the end of the meeting next time instead of the beginning.

The next general meeting is Thursday May 8th.  It was discussed that we get someone from the city to let us know the process for getting traffic controls in our neighborhood.   Specifically speed bumps.  What exactly do we need to do to get something done about our traffic concerns.

Elaine will look into meeting at the United Methodist Church.

Nathan and Jessica will write a note to St Mike’s Church about our concerns about the parking situation.

It was also discussed about putting together a welcome to the neighborhood kit. It could include information on the neighborhood, some coffee, a Thriftway card, a welcome letter. Carol would be responsible for putting them together and Whitney will look into how to get the list of the new people in the neighborhood. Ann  said she would be happy to deliver them to their homes.

It was decided that the picnic will be on Sat August 9th this year.

The next board meeting is on Thursday May 15th at 7:00 at the Swantown Inn.

Respectfully submitted    Carol Wilson Secretary