Present: Elaine Nelson, Bev Kooi, Don LeMaster, Ruth Middlebrook

Called to order 7:06pm at Big Tom’s Eastside.

Minutes accepted as written.

No treasurer’s report.

Pathway project (Elaine) – the location we submitted is also planned for fixes by Public Works, so our project will definitely be accepted, and we should look forward to a successful project. Will have more info after staff comes back from vacation.

Legion way trees letter (Elaine) – draft letter submitted to board for supporting Legion Way tree management plan; approved as written. Elaine will follow up to make sure it gets sent in on ENA letterhead.

Newsletter delivery update (Ruth): Mostly went well. Some routes had incorrect numbers. Discussed whether to deliver to big apartment block on Eastside, agreed that we should get some to those folks. Ruth will be continuing to update the list.


  • Need insert for yard signs: “ENA Picnic/August 21/11 am/Lions Park” in BIG font. Elaine will create and email; Bev will make sure hard copies get to those who need them. Elaine will also make sure that there are signs up at the park shelter.
  • Discussion of food. Don will be picking up bbq at 10am and set up by park shelter by 10:30am. He will also get anything we need from Costco, including an awning as discussed at the last meeting. Ruth will bring paper goods from our existing supply. Info is needed about status of hot dogs and water.
  • Discussion of entertainment and information booths, status report to follow. Ruth suggested checking with the parks department about borrowing sports equipment for the kids.
  • Materials needed for our table: potluck fliers (Bev will make), membership forms (Elaine will bring), email address signup, volunteering signup.

September potluck (Ruth) – Discussed location, decided to go with the church because of the lateness of the season. Also determined that board meeting would be two days earlier, so we will handle any board business at the potluck if necessary.

Newsletter – Discussed when to put out next newsletter. Decided that if we have a candidates forum for the next election, we should put out a newsletter prior to the October potluck. Bev will contact candidates after the primary to invite them to our event. Newsletter content deadline will be (approx) Sept 13. Proposed articles: school, pathway, legion way, meet the neighbor, treasurer/president, park update, ping-pong (?). Elaine will edit this edition, please email any additional story ideas.

Adjourned 7:50pm.

Next board meeting September 16 at Light & Life Church.