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Upcoming Board Meeting

The board will be meeting on Tuesday, May 11 at 7pm at the Fire Station at 100 Eastside ( Agenda – tentative, please bring/send suggestions * Meeting schedule (ie, does this work for everybody?) * Notice posting process (Elaine is working on a process) * Newsletter (?) * Non-profit report

November board meeting agenda

Thursday, November 19, 7pm,┬áhome of Bev Kooi, 1609 7th Ave SE Approve October General Meeting Minutes Neighborhood Garage Sale (via email Lee Bickle) Reeves Middle School Community Dinner (Aaron Davis ┬áMaurine Bailey) Community Forum (Ruth Middlebrook) Tool-sharing project update (Jenni) Standards of procedure for the letters that the City of Olympia sends (Jenni) Olympia Comprehensive… Read more »

Announcement signs!

This month we put out brand new signs to let neighbors know the time and location of the general meeting. You’ll be seeing these signs before future ENA events, including general meetings and the annual picnic. If you want to host a sign, let us know and we’ll get you one to put in your… Read more »