The Eastside Neighborhood Association has partnered with the Swantown Inn & Spa, to create a community clubhouse for the neighborhood. Swantown Inn & Spa is located on the corner of 11th Avenue South East and Central Street.

This clubhouse is a place within the boundaries of the neighborhood for neighbors to walk to and meet friends and fellow neighbors. The Swantown Inn will offer their espresso service and baked goods to the outside visitors. If you need a space for a meeting, you can also reserve space in the ballroom and they can be prepared for your groups size.

Currently Swantown Inn serves espresso drinks, tea, coffee and a variety of baked goods. The Inn worked with Olympia Coffee Roasters for their espresso setup along with sourcing their beans. All of the baked goods are made in house, from scratch.

The clubhouse is in the ballroom on the left side of the Inn. You can purchase drinks and baked items outside at the window or inside the ballroom. giving you the perfect choice from a pandemic perspective. If you go inside a mask is a must, and pandemic protocols are followed.

Espresso and Baked Bites Logo

Opening hours are currently Friday, Saturday and Sunday, from 8am to Noon. Hours may be expanded if there is the demand. We would love to see you at the Inn! Our goal is to make our neighborhood more united and stronger, by fostering community.

The long term plan is to continue working with the city and have the area designated as a Neighborhood Center.