Concerned Eastside Neighbors Position Statement

This is the position of the Concerned Eastside Neighbors, a group focused on the proposed rezoning and development in the upper part of our neighborhood

See the full position statement here: CEN Position Statement

2 Responses to “Concerned Eastside Neighbors Position Statement”

  1. Kris Goddard

    Sorry that I am so clueless, but can you tell me more about the physical address of this proposed rezone and what the developer’s intentions are?

    Thank you!

  2. Whitney Bowerman

    Kris, this is an area to the east of Chambers St, on the east end of the neighborhood. It’s a large area that is owned by one family. They have been trying unsuccessfully to sell the property for years, so are pursuing the rezone in the hopes of making the property more marketable to a developer. The property has not been purchased and no development is currently planned.


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