The February pick-up for the Food Project is this Saturday, February 14. Please place your green bags on your front porch by 9:00 am, unless your Neighborhood Coordinator has specified otherwise.

The theme for this pick-up is canned fruit, but you are always welcome to include whatever you’d like.

We are working to slowly grow this program in the Eastside, and are looking for more fooddonors” (filling a bag and placing it on your porch) as well as “neighborhood coordinators” (picking up the filled bags). If you are interested in becoming a donor or a neighborhood coordinator please get in touch – it really is very simple and does not take much time, you simply assemble as many or as few neighbors as you like to pick-up from (in other neighborhoods this ranges from 3 to 30+). And, if you know of neighbors who may be interested in participating in the program please refer them to the Food Project page on the ENA website, or request a hard-copy brochure.