The Eastside Neighborhood Association (ENA) is sponsoring four block parties in our neighborhood on Friday, July 13th from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. The City has now approved closures of the four blocks where the parties will be held. And it’s likely that a police rep and a city council member or two will drop by to chat with us. The party hosts will provide some food and activities. Please bring your own potluck dish or beverage. Each party will have its own set of activities. People of all ages are welcome to attend. If you have a yard game to share, or a musical instrument you’d like to play, please bring it along. You may also want to bring a chair or two.

Here are the locations of the four parties:

1. Sawyer St. SE between 7th & 9th

2. Lybarger St. SE between 10th & Union

3. McCormick St. SE between 13th & 14th

4. 5th Ave. SE between Fir & Fairview

This is the third annual block party evening. Both prior years the parties were well-attended and got excellent feedback. The goal of the parties is to help members of the Eastside Neighborhood get to know each other and make our neighborhood safer and more connected. We hope you can make it!