ENA Ping Pong Tournament – the real one! OK, now that we’ve had a practice run, we’re ready for all of you closet ping pong fanatics to come out of the woodwork and show us your stuff. Paddles & balls provided, or bring your own.

When? Saturday, February 20th. Doors open at 5:30 pm, tournament starts at 6:00 pm.

Where? Light & Life church, 1901 7th Ave SE

Who’s invited? All ENA residents, and friends of ENA residents, age 13 and older, all abilities welcome.

Cost? $5 per individual/couple or $10 per family – money to be spent on pizza and drinks for all attendees. Activities for younger children provided.

Pre-registration REQUIRED, with registration closed at noon on Feb 20th. To register, call Ruth at 956-0350 or email [email protected]. When you register the following information is needed: Name, age, and approximate ability level. Also indicate whether additional family members are coming to cheer you on!

Note: Seeking any and all ping pong tables to borrow for event – use same contact information.