Janine Gates, Eastside resident,  just wanted the Eastside Neighborhood Association to be aware of the death of Tom Nogler, an Eastside resident and great guy who helped deliver the ENA newsletter for many years. He lived on the Eastside for at least 20 years. He passed away January 4. His community service will be held at the Capitol Theater on February 1 at 10:00 a.m. It would be nice if someone from the ENA could speak to his dedicated involvement with the ENA.

His obituary is at https://funeralalternatives.org/tribute/details/167160/Thomas-Nogler/obituary.html#tribute-start

When he passed away, this is what I wrote on a local list serv, to share the news:

Tom was a tireless community organizer and supporter of many political and social campaigns. He advocated for good causes. He volunteered and doorbelled for many political candidates, including my campaign when I ran for city council. He worked on the Thurston Public Power campaign, instrumental in getting that effort as far as it did. He delivered newsletters on the Eastside for the Eastside Neighborhood Association for many years, being a friendly greeter and neighbor everyone came to know. He spoke in front of city council on police/community issues and relations. He was a good son who took care of both his parents until they passed away. He was a good friend with a soft voice you could always call on if you were in need. He will be greatly missed.