This is Survey #4 – Community Connections

This is the 4th and final survey based on draft Action Plans developed by the ENA Sub-area Planning Team. Thanks to those of you who have responded to earlier surveys!

This survey contains 32 action plan recommendations and three additional questions you can choose to answer. For each recommendation you can indicate whether they should be included as they are or with modifications, or left out of the Plan. A comment box is provided below each recommendation so you can propose a modification or share other thoughts. Do as much of the survey as you’d like. It shouldn’t take too long to respond to all the proposed actions.

Please submit Survey #4 by Sunday, May 18th.

Here are all four surveys, this is your last chance to complete older ones too:

  1. Neighborhood Density & Character
  2. Public Works/Infrastructure
  3. Crime Prevention & Safety Enhancement
  4. Community Connections

Our goal is to finish our Eastside Neighborhood Sub-area Plan by the end of June. We are going to hold a Sub-area Plan Town Hall Meeting on Saturday, June 8th from 9:30 a.m. to noon at the First United Methodist Church (on Legion and Boundary). We will provide background information and present the updated Action Plans. If you attend the Town Hall, we will ask you to recommend which actions are most important and should be worked on most promptly. Please come if you can!

Our overall goal is to implement actions in coming years to improve the quality of life in our neighborhood!!!