Thursday, November 13th, 2008, 7:00 pm
Light and Life Church
1901 7th Ave SE

  • Introduction / Open Mic
  • Terra Commons Presentation
  • A small neighborhood solution to tough financial times.


We will discuss board membership and February board elections, the new vandalism-prevention program, and provide a sidewalk update. ENA membership forms are available.

Open Mic

At the beginning of the meeting, we throw the floor open to you. Share your concerns, dreams, and kudos.

Terra Commons Presentation

Terra Commons is looking for sites within the neighborhood to host a hands on Edible Forest Garden Workshop. The workshop is free to community members and includes all the how to’s of designing the Edible Forest Garden – planting edible trees and shrubs, sheet mulching, mushroom inoculation, and installing drip irrigation. Edible Forest Gardens consist of three main layers – fruit and nut trees as the upper canopy, berries and other edible bushes as the middle layer and perennial vegetables and fruits as the ground cover.

A small neighborhood solution to tough financial times.

Despite recent uncertainty regarding our economic system, there’s a new trend picking up momentum in neighborhoods across the U.S. Citizens are banding together to create their own green communities. One example that can apply here in Olympia is the sharing of knowledge, tools, and resources about small garden food growing. At the meeting we will give an introductory talk about “Biointensive Gardening” and other sustainable practices that utilize materials in our own backyards! Imagine an annual ‘local garden tour’ to strengthen our collective plant knowledge, or even swapping surplus crops with someone one block away! Let’s work together both beginner and advanced Green Thumbs and have fun in the process!