Notes by Elaine Nelson. Please comment if you have additions, corrections, etc. Tour of St Michael’s facility was conducted prior to the meeting.

I. Open Mic

[Missed name]
New friends of the artesians group; old group decided that they hadn’t made enough progress and disbanded. About 40 people are seriously concerned and meeting every Saturday to get a plan together that will work. “’It’s still the water” is the current group name. They have a google group. Invited people to come ask questions.

Jane M.
On March 2, there will be a “climate cafe” group that’s working on how to help us figure out how to lower carbon footprints, using a book “Low Carbon Diet” forming up teams like a weight watchers group. 7-9pm at Thurston County Courthouse.

Lisa M.
Working on her master’s at Evergreen, survey of our neighborhood on issues related to cats. Within the next month or so she’ll be starting; if you get a questionnaire, please fill it out and send it back. Hopes to come up with good ideas

Elaine N.
Next garden tour will be March 8. Looking for gardens to be included. Time and meeting place to be announced.
Will be holding city chipper event at our house on Feb 28. Contact [email protected] for time, address.

YMCA youth government, running a mock session here in May 6-9. They’re looking for host families; 400 kids still need places to stay. 4 days, 3 nights. Luke & Whitney have hosted for 4 years, lots of fun. Info on the website, or contact the YMCA.
Yard signs that say “Slow Down” are available from the city for free. Pick up at public works.

II. Board Elections

Jenni Fleming (unable to attend) would like to be elected, has stepped up as treasurer to fill in and would like to continue. Elaine Nelson & Chad Akins are up for re-election.

Discussion of what the board does, prior projects, involvement; what membership is.

Beverly Kooi, Josh & Kate Parker, Elaine, Chad & Jenni elected

Ann put up some extra newsletters.

Officers will be elected at the next board meeting, next Thursday at Swantown Inn.

Tim would like to see the ENA take on a survey of our combined tools, assets and abilities; if you done something like that, he’d like to see it happen.

Someone mentioned the “Map My Neighborhood” project from the Emergency Management Division.

House for sale on 10th & Boundary, if you know anybody.

Question about speed on Boundary — it’s scheduled! but not until 2011. If you’re interested in having a speed study done, you can work with the city to see what the pattern is. If you can prove there’s a speeding pattern, then they can schedule for street calming improvements.

Meeting adjourned.