Meeting minutes for April 13th Garden Meeting Minutes

Eastside Neighborhood Association
Garden Committee Meeting
Sunday April 13th 2008
Location: Swantown Inn

Attendees: Tim Mcleod, Ann Mataczynski, Casey Allan, Nathan Allan

1. Discussed all past correspondence with city.

2. Decided Stuart should be asked to be the lead of the committee, as he is getting course credit at Evergreen for his efforts.

3. Contact GRUBB about their contract with the city in regards to the Sunrise Park Pea Patch.

4. Start work on a formal plan that addresses the points outlined in the response to the grant application from 2007.

5. Put together a list of contacts with City, GRUBB, 13th Avenue Group and ENA Garden Committee Members. Include email and telephone details so we can get in touch with each other at short notice.

Next Meeting: 27th April 12pm @ Swantown Inn

  • Make certain Willow and her 13th Ave Group is invited (as they may not receive the ENA newsletter)
  • Meeting to include walk to the site
  • Delegate responsibilities