Garden Walk note, part 1

We’ve been asked for information about the soil testing services mentioned on our recent Garden Walk. I’ve asked Tim & Kirk to share who they’ve used in their respective gardens, and they each gave me the name of a company they’ve used.

Kirk has sent materials to:

Libby Environmental
4139 Libby Road NE
Olympia, WA 98506

They don’t conduct soil nutrient testing, just heavy metals, etc.

Tim has used Timberleaf Soil Testing in CA for nutrient/micronutrient information.

I’ll be continuing to post notes about the walk. If there’s anything you’re particularly curious about, leave a comment on this post!

One Response to “Garden Walk note, part 1”

  1. Kirk Hanson

    Black Lake Organic can also conduct soil nutrient/micronutrient testing. They also can prescribe a soil amendment formula based on your soil test.


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