Five volunteers came out on Sunday, July 24 to clear brush and brambles from the green space next to the pathway on Fairview between 10th and Union. It was hot, but with tenacity and water, we got about halfway through cleaning up underneath the trees. Check out photos of the pathway in progress.

What’s next? We’ll have another clean-up event the weekend of August 13, either in the morning before the Eastside Picnic, or on Sunday afternoon. If those times aren’t convenient for you, and you want to help, we encourage you to drop by and cut back blackberry or pull ivy. Before you start, you’ll need to get instructions and sign a liability waiver! Download the Public Pathways Waiver (PDF) and contact [email protected]. You can either send the signed waiver as an image by email or mail the paper to PO Box 7666, Olympia WA 98506.

As the green space is cleared and we discover what it looks like underneath, we’ll be working on a plan for a low-maintenance pocket park. Watch the website or subscribe to our email newsletter for updates.