January 15, 2013
Meeting Started at 6:15 at the Knox Facility.


Nancy Thompson, Board Member and President
Brad Archbold, Board Member
Andrew Beattie, Board Member

Neighborhood members

Representatives of the Concerned Citizens with the Medela Development
Mike Carney
Whitney and Luke Bowerman

Board Members

We need Board Members, hopefully at least 6 new or renewing members. We can seek board members at the February Annual meeting.

February Annual Meeting

The February Annual meeting is scheduled for Wednesday February 20th, at the Knox Facility at 7:00 PM in the Boardroom. The room is reserved for that date and time.

A Newsletter will be distributed in advance of the meeting as notification of the Annual meeting. Ruth Middlebrook will provide the distribution of the newsletter. She needs the printed copies by February1, 2013. All articles need to be to Nancy Thompson no later than January 25th at: [email protected].

Officer Positions

All the Officer positions will be vacant.
Jennie Fleming does not want to continue as Treasurer.
Nancy Thompson does not want a second term as President.
No other Officer positions are currently filled.

Other Business

Joe Hannah, a representative of neighbors who are concerned about the Medela Development, asked to present their concerns with the project and discuss impacts to the Eastside Neighborhood at the Annual meeting. They will provide Nancy Thompson an article for the newsletter. They will also invite a representative of the Medela Development.

Brad Archbold discussed grants available with the City of Olympia for trail connectivity. He asked about any trail that could be available for the grant money. We did mention the Fairview Pathway as a possible recipient. Brad will provide Nancy a paragraph for the upcoming newsletter about the City’s Grants.

Meeting came to a close.