Julie Hankins on Low-Barrier Shelter

Below is an email from Julie Hankins, Olympia City Council, to the ENA regarding her stance on the low-barrier shelter.



I understand from some of your neighbors that at your neighborhood meeting tonight people were claiming I held a position that supported putting a proposed homeless shelter in the Eastside neighborhood. That is incorrect. I have never supported a homeless shelter, nor any other incompatible use in neighborhoods.

All of my years of experience in working in the neighborhoods has taught me how to get neighborhood needs met. The Eastside Neighborhood has a very specific need and I have been working over the last couple of weeks to get your need met. I am confident that the neighborhood and the greater community will be pleased with the results. I would be happy to meet with you or any of your neighbors who are not clear on my position.

Thank you for all you are doing Brad. I know these situations are very difficult and time consuming for a president. Know that I truly appreciate your dedication to your neighbors.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Have a great day.

Julie Hankins


One Response to “Julie Hankins on Low-Barrier Shelter”

  1. Karen Rogers

    I attended the meeting. What was discussed was which council members and candidates support the low-barrier shelter as currently proposed.

    Currently, the proposed location is 1011 10th Ave. SE. This location falls slightly outside of the official Eastside Neighborhood boundaries, so technically, it’s not in the Eastside Neighborhood.

    I encourage every Concerned Eastside Neighbor to ask each council member and candidate the following question: “Do you support locating a low-barrier shelter at 1011 10th Ave. SE?”

    I’m on the city council, and my answer is NO! I am completely against locating a low-barrier shelter at 1011 10th Ave. SE, or near any school, neighborhood, elderly center, or place where there are vulnerable people.

    You have an honest concern, and you deserve a straight answer. Our children’s and neighborhood’s safety is too important to evade on technicalities.


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