Facilitated by ENA President Luke Bowerman
Wednesday, July 17, 2013
Meeting started at 6:30 at Andrew & Katy Beattie’s home


  • Board Members:  Sandia Slaby, Sherry Chilcutt, Luke & Whitney Bowerman, Roberta Golden, Nathan Allan, Jenni Fleming, Andrew & Katy Beattie, Rob Campbell, & Bev Kooi

Previous Meeting Minutes

Read and ratified June General Meeting Minutes

Garage Sale

Second annual ENA simultaneous garage sale. Lee Bickle, coordinator, reported where she’d advertised (MIXX 96, KAOS, & KGY radio, Olympia Power & Light Newspaper). Sandia did not report this at the meeting, but she put an ad in the July issue of Works In Progress.

20 homes are participating

Discussion of sign placement & agreement that balloons would be purchased to place on signs. Two sandwich boards that Mitch made are available & decision made to place.

Summer Picnic

Saturday, August 16, at Lions Park, 11-2

Confirmation of provided foods: dogs & burgers & condiments with BYO potluck or side dishes & desserts & beverages; discussion & agreement about food & shopping & who would do what about them.

Luke announced that a post card-size announcements would be printed but that mailing it was prohibitive, thus he’d be contacting Ruth to clarify the delivery routes for the newsletter delivery over the last decade +. On the announcement, it was decided, would also be a statement to encourage membership & how to pay for that.

Decision was made to suggest folks attending to bring an item to donate to the Thurston County Food Bank, as it was reported that the summer is a time that contributions are scarce.

Community Garden

Roberta opened the discussion expressing interest in there being a community garden in our neighborhood that would include more of a community building component, possibility supported or sponsored & maybe ‘housed’ by one of the churches. She cited the efforts she has seen at the one in the north eastside neighborhood area – the Capital Vision Christian Church. Nathan reported his historical experience with others on the ENA Board having interest to create such a garden in the Eastside 2-5 years ago at the old Madison Scenic Park property. He spoke of one big draw back being the lack of water access at that site, the city’s level of interest & support being minimal, and that there had been conflict among Board members during that time that was not helpful in moving that idea forward. Luke commented that he thought there was not enough energy in our ENA Board to spearhead such a project without other identified & active partners. Sandia mentioned that the Avanti School, with their interest in agriculture, might be one such partner if this idea were to get moving again. Roberta reported her experience over the last 4-5 years at the 13th Ave. & Central St. community garden & invited board members to go over there after this meeting, as it was only on block away, for a tour (which three of us did).

Business cards for Board members

Bev offered to make these for each member on her computer if there was interest. A few members welcomed them, one stated it would be nice to have them by the neighborhood picnic in August.  Bev asked that whomever would like cards to get your contact info (phone, email, whatever) to her.

Meeting adjourned at 7:30.