Draft minutes for the July 17th Board meeting, taken by Carol Wilson

ENA BOARD MEETING       Thursday July 17th, 2008 

12 members present.


  • Ann Mataczynski
  • Luke Bowerman
  • Jessica Archer
  • Casey Allan
  • Chad Akins
  • Carol Wilson
  • Nathan Allan
  • Elaine Nelson
  • Whitney Bowerman
  • Tim McCloud
  • Stuart Reed
  • Sam Schroeder
  • Terri Zander 

Luke called the meeting to order 7:10  the minutes from the June board meeting were read and approved.

Mark Bergeson sent in a treasurer’s report.  There is currently $2,100.00 in our bank account.

The neighborhood picnic will be on Sat. August 9th     11:00—2:00

Terri Zander will bring some information on Bike Tech, some games

There will be a patrol car making the rounds of the park.

Eddie Willingham will provide us with a blow up slide or some similar type inflatable toy We will also check and see if he can loan us his sound system

Whitney will purchase and assemble the beef burgers.

Stewart will make the veggie burgers.

Sam will provide the iced coffee

Nathan and Casey will make the Costco run and purchase buns, hot dogs, condiments, soda, any paper products we may need.

Terri Zander will be in charge of the microphone and make any necessary announcements.

Whitney will put up signs around the neighborhood about the picnic and Jessica will help. Terri will put up 4 signs around the park

Whitney will set up a schedule for people manning the BBQs Elaine, Jessica, Chad and Luke all volunteered to cook.  Luke will bring a BBQ and it would be nice if we could get someone else to bring one.

Jessica will bring her corn hole game and anyone who has any other group games is urged to bring them.

There is some confusion in the current boundaries of the neighborhood association. The written description doesn’t match the actual map. Luke will look into getting the written description and the map to match.  He will also look into what the intention of the boundaries were.

Terri expressed some concerns about neighborhood safety issues.  There have been a lot of car prowls in the neighborhood lately. Luke will continue to post the information on our website. Perhaps we could have someone come and talk to us at the next neighborhood general meeting. The main emphasis seems to be know your neighbors and report anything that doesn’t look right. Perhaps the neighborhood association could take the lead in informing people of how to have a small group block party or garage sale. This would involve just a few houses and would be a great way to get to know your immediate neighbors. It was agreed that we would put the basics in the newsletter and more information on the website. Terri also suggested that we call the police on any kind of issue so they know what is going on in our neighborhood.

The garden project—Luke got a copy of the contract between the city and GRUBB which has a garden at Sunrise Park. We thought maybe the same thing would be possible at Madison Scenic Park. It was also decided that we have confused the city with all the different people who have talked to them about our garden project. Luke will contact the city and let them know that we are still in support of the garden project and when plans are begun for Madison Scenic Park we want to be involved in the process. He will contact GRUBB and see if they want to partner with us. Luke will contact David Hanna and let him know he will serve as the contact person and a garden is our preferred use of the park. He will report back to us at the picnic.

Terri let us know that build a bike is  looking for a new home and needs to move by the end of summer. Any one have any ideas?

Some concern was expressed about all board members being sure that anything they say or send out should be approved by the board first. Make sure they you aren’t appearing to be representing the ENA if you don’t have the board’s approval.

A Walking Train project is being started at Madison it is a way to get kids to school and home again safely with out using vehicles

The meeting was adjourned  at 8:30.

Respectfully submitted,    Carol Wilson Secretary.