Facilitated by ENA Board President Nathan Allan
Wednesday, June 18, 2014
Meeting started at 6:30 pm at the Swantown Inn


  • Board Members Present:  Nathan Allan, Whitney Bowerman, Pat Bayle, Brian Brannies, Sheena Pietzold, and Mitch Dennis
  • Board Members Absent: Katy Beattie, Sandia Slaby, Jim Longley, Kara Randall,
  • Other Attendees: MaryBeth Cline, Done Cline, Fran Potasnik, Lee Bickle

Thurston Food Bank Project

Don and MaryBeth (from Cain Road Neighborhood – CRANA) presented a video about the Food Bank Project, “The Power of One Green Bag.” They then presented about the project.

  • The Food Project was introduced at a time when CRANA lacked community-building activities. It began with a small group. Project began in Ashland, has now expanded to 22 cities around the US. CRANA currently has 22 neighborhood coordinators and 350 of the 800 CRANA households participating in the program. Other Olympia neighborhoods (Carlyon, Bigelow) have started food projects in their neighborhoods.
  • The Food Project involves collecting a bag of food from each participant every two months (2nd Saturday of the month), throughout the year. This provides the Food Bank with a regular influx of food, as opposed to receiving large amounts only during certain times of the year (holidays, for example). The project has become very important to the Food Bank, particularly with other declining sources of revenue (for example, this years’ letter carrier drive was down $20,000). It also provides the Food Bank with a greater variety of food to have available for their clients.
  • Each neighborhood coordinator has between 5 and 30 (generally on the smaller side) neighbors they pick up food from.
  • The next pick-up is the second Saturday in August.
  • The Food Bank can provide receipts for people who want to itemize on their taxes.

What do we need to get this started in the ENA?

  • With the other neighborhoods, CRANA gave 20 bags and 20 brochures. Additional bags and brochures were purchased by each neighborhood association. Bags are $1.46 each when CRANA has purchased them in bulk.
  • We need neighborhood coordinators – each will be responsible for communicating with their group of 5 to 30 neighbors, which they recruit. CRANA gives each NC a handbook (binder) with info on the program.
  • People needed for steering committee: graphics person, someone to compile data (names, addresses, email, phone numbers) in Excel – keep one central list of everyone in the neighborhood participating in the project, ENA treasurer to handle donations to the ENA for the project (for bags, etc), one contact point who will disperse info to the neighborhood coordinators and who will have the global picture.
  • Whitney and Brian will work on getting the project up and running for the ENA.

ENA By-Laws Review Committee Report

Tabled until July meeting due to absences.

Dog Waste Stations Update

Whitney will be submitting an application to the City for dog waste stations at properties throughout the ENA. Brian looked at putting a station at Lions Park. There is one existing, however it is stocked with plastic grocery bags, which will soon be obsolete.

Annual Garage Sale

The annual garage sale Saturday July 19, 9 am – 4 pm.

  • Some people will end earlier than 4 pm.
  • Lee will advertise on KGY, MIXX 96 and KAOS.
  • It is the same day Panorama City is having their patio sale, and is also the Saturday of Lakefair.
  • The ENA will post the signs with information on the garage sale. Signs will be put out twice – now (a month in advance) and again a week before the sale. Signs will be up for a week each time.
  • Nathan suggested the ENA purchase laminator sleeves to laminate the 8.5 x 11 signs. Brian motioned, Pat seconded. All aye.

Annual Picnic

Brian will organize the picnic, which will be held on August 16, 11 am – 2 pm, at Lions Park. He is going to solicit donations from stores.

New Business

Nathan attended the meeting regarding CYS’s expansion of the youth shelter. The shelter is going from 6 – 10 beds, but they are getting a permit for 12 beds.


Meeting adjourned at 8:00 pm
Minutes submitted by Whitney Bowerman, ENA Board Member