This informational news was sent to the President. I am sharing it so the neighborhood knows;

My name is Kevin McFarland and I am the consulting arborist working for the City of Olympia.  I have been tasked with conducting tree risk assessments of the Legion Way trees and supervising tree removal and replacement efforts as part of this project.  The project area is between Central and Plum Street.  There have been 9 trees identified as ‘High’ risk.  These trees have been earmarked for removal.  The City has sent out request for quotes to area tree contractor (small works roster).  The quotes have been received and the City is in the process of review and with the anticipation of awarding a contract.  If this goes through the trees will be removed later this month or in May.  There will be 9 red oak trees replanted along Legion Way following tree removal.  I will be dropping off letters to the adjacent properties tomorrow informing them as to the upcoming project.
Please feel free to contact me if you or anyone has questions.
Kevin McFarland
Sound Urban Forestry, LLC
870-2511 – [email protected]