The Eastside Neighborhood Association is worked with City Parks Department to replace two trees in Lions Park.  These trees they replaced were dead or diseased and removed by park staff. Through ENA efforts a planting party was held, Saturday 26th February 2022. This effort helps us maintain the beauty of Lions Park and our neighborhood.

From one of the volunteers, “There was a very successful project to plant two trees at Lion’s Park this morning. I think the attached picture shows most if not all the volunteers. Also, some good discussion on how to build on this effort, e.g., planting oak trees on Legion Way all the way to Edison.” 

Lions Park Tree Planting Volunteers
Lion’s Park Tree Planting Volunteers

No matter your abilities, knowledge or age, there are opportunities often to get involved within our neighborhood and help build community. If you know of a project, effort or need, feel free to reach out the ENA to get support.