About 20 people in attendance

Nathan says hi, talks about his role as president, including Coalition of Neighborhood Associations, stuff the association has been doing.

Dave & Julie from Parks Dept to share info about Lions Park & Madison Scenic Park, upcoming projects, our opportunities for input. $154K allocated for improvements, they don’t have a lot of preconceptions of what to do other than stairs & retaining wall. They have scheduled development of a site plan in 2010, reconsidering moving up to do combo planning w/ENA to work with Lions Park planning. Combo effort could occur in the fall, Sept/Oct, final product in 2010. Questions abt Madison?

Woman living directly across the street, husband involved with getting park started. trail is heavily used, really important. A lot of kids (20-somethings?) go into the underbrush to drink, smoke, etc. Parking lot frequently used in the middle of the night. Police have said that they can’t do anything unless a sign is posted. Woke up at 4;15 a few weeks ago.

Woman mentioned idea in newsletter about community gardens. City of Oly has successful pilot project w/GRUB at Sunrise Park, in master planning process for whole system, issue of community gardens in city properties has come up several times, becoming integral part of parks plan. Can look at as option.

Same as #1, lots of state workers park at the park, no picnic tables for them.

Julie McQuery (sp?) on Lions Park. Showed maps of parks, all are available on the city’s website. [link later] Have gotten appropriations for Lions Park $325K, mostly for replacing kids equip, upgrading tennis courts, may also use for pickle ball, basketball, etc. Facilities not in great shape, some have already been taken out. In ’08 did first comprehensive condition assesment, condition of shelter/restroom a little scary. Trying to get funding for that. Opportunities for partnerships? Consultants have advised replacing vs repairing. Bathrooms not ADA accessible. Had hoped to do play facility planning this year, but may be cost savings in doing together with Madison and/or shelter replacement. Planning workshop after school starts this fall, will work with Nathan to get that going. [note to self: Oct general mtg?]

Man asking about the name. Lions Club was involved early on, not so much lately. Don’t know what their capabilities are. Nathan said that they have contacted ENA, interested in helping rebuild the shelter, they see it as a nice thing that its named after them.

Mrs. Tim: What is put on the grass at the parks? Julie doesn’t have a comprehensive answer, they have an integrated pest management plan, unlikely to be anything other than Roundup. When they do spray, is posted. She will get back to her. Someone in the audience says they don’t even use Roundup anymore, he talks to the crews when they’re in the park. Is mulched, don’t collect clippings, don’t fertilize. Northwest corner: drug deals? Parks reflect the community, not aware of any specific problems. Have brought on a parks ranger for the first time. For illegal activities, still need to call police. Others have seen similar. They’ve tried to do environmental (criminal) design, opening/pruning shrubs, maintaining sight lines, etc. in neighborhood parks. Everyone beeing there & watching is best “eyes on the park!” Nathan said he’s gotten feedback about tailgating problems, need for fence. “This is why we want to involve the neighborhood.” They want our involvement. Same person talked about issues with park in the old days, and involvement of this NA, cleaned up really scary areas.

They’ll be working with Nathan to set things for the future. Please call or email with any concerns, except criminal activity (call 911).

Cheryl from Library. Visits to library up 10% over last year, 300 new library cards, lots of donations, involvements with FOL, 2 people each left $250K as endowments, able to use the interest to pay for the remodel. City paid for carpet, bequest interest paid for everything else. Part of 5-county system 27 libraries, including kiosks at Rochester & Hawks Prairie, remote schools. Online presence. Friends updated website. 🙂 (yr humble webmaster is also webmaster for friends of the library.) 60+ databases, downloadable audio, reference access. Lots of great current info! 5k-7k magazine articles. Daily Life Through History database, great for high school & middle school students. Access newspapers 1757 – 1977. Lots of databases for kids of all ages. AP photo archives. Testing database. Brought a lot of handouts. Databases can run $2k-$20k, so they add & drop paying attention to use. ProQuest, General 1 File (?), index all kinds of magazines & journals, including translated into 13 different languages. Can call, email, use live chat for any reference question under the sun. Some are easy, some can take several days. One of the hardest she’s had to answer: question about diatery suppliments for dog w/disease. (I think this is the service story in the last FOL newsletter. Will link here.) Brought book lists, for kids, in Spanish, from adult book discussion group (international literary fiction, mostly), finding jobs, living frugally. Lots of programs coming this summer. Kids’ theme: let’s get creative, teaming up w/puppet museum! Also events for adults on the same theme! Living Library, started in Scandinavia a few years ago, asking people to become live books to check out for conversation, on Saturday May 30. Friday June 5, Seattle Noir anthology editor & authors. Sculptor on July 10. Etc., etc. About 75% sponsored by FOL. 8 yrs ago revenue was abt $12K/yr, now about $20+K/yr. Mostly goes to programs. Only costs $5 to join. (oy, mentioning me again.) FOL paid $16K for CD storage, PA system $4k, bike stands & bike lockers for staff, etc., etc. 361 members, always looking for more. Questions?

How’s the budget? Levy failed, looking at $2.5Mil cut, changes beginning June 1 reducing 9 open hours/week, no substitute budget for high volume times. at any time 40K items checked out! 300/400 items processed every hour! can’t sustain length of hours with cut in subs. Cuts in collection budget, no more Sundays. Trying hard not to cut FTE. A lot of decisions to be made next week in Montesano at board of trustees mtg, may be deciding whether to charge overdue fees or for printing.

Why so busy w/the internet & all? Library use across the nation is up. Economy downturn, library use always goes up. At Oly, we do a tremendous amount of outreach, presentations, classes, etc. They offer breadth and depth of service, essentially for free, great bang for buck. Follow-up question: what do ref libs you think about wikipedia? Teachers don’t like it; wouldn’t cite it, but would look. Recently taught Google/database research classes to (high schoolers?). Discussed what does authoritiative mean? Search strategies: put phrase in quotes, “primary source” in quotes, cite:.edu (site?).

Chad, Google Scholars, have you found that to be accurate? Haven’t used it.

Nathan, having been to book babies, going there, is there anything to do about people congregating in the front smoking? Please come tell us, or even call from the car. They have a security guard there most of the time, and tries to be on top of that. They are highly trained in dealing with all sorts of experiences. (Shout out from the audience: “and very respectfully!”) 1500 people walking thru doors every day. Address behavior, not socioeconomic status.

Been a true honor to work at that building. 80-100 people applying for every position, before downturn!

Open Mic

Nathan: doesn’t have time to go to Coaltion meetings, if someone wants to join to go to those meetings, couple of hours once a month.

Chad: anyone interested in being involved with the picnic should contact NA. also, last night was able to attend presentation about Energizing Eastbay project.

Tim Burn(e?): last summer met with Luke and volunteered as Graffiti Buster in the neighborhood. if you have graffiti just email [email protected]. Sam asked: what can you remove it from? Back of street signs, paint over phone poles, can’t do fronts of street signs (city will do, email him), if you notice unfixed on private property call city, he can do plastic trash bins, city can help with big metal ones. Likes walking around, a number of areas where people have trees overgrowing. Would like to write newsletter article to remind people to cut limbs! Nathan suggested maybe going down to help mow other folks’ median strips; we can also try to organize work groups for sick/elderly folks. Elaine will give approximate deadline. Another question: do police want you to document before removing? Yes, if gang graffiti, usually has initials, letters, numbers. But most doesn’t seem to be, just groups of kids, tag-fighting. Another question: sometimes is competitive symbol, so that can be used as evidence. Somone else: walks late at night, often along Central, some spots like walking thru a tunnel, and then no sidewalk! Nathan: spoke to Mark Fouch once about the question of why not so many sidewalks? It was a working-class neighborhood, not a priority, back in the day. Broken sidewalks are supposed to be the responsibility of the homeowner.

Nathan: if you want to write a newsletter article get on the website. (note: email [email protected])

Joan Machlis, councilwoman & candidate: appointed in Jan ’08 when Mah became mayor, running this year. Owns Wind Up Here. Background in econ development, etc. Loves local gov’t, esp after working with the state, thrill is the day-to-day impact. Feels city to be responsive. Most of what they deal with never hits the radar, infrastructure, etc. Knows about keeping locally oriented entrepreneural downtown. regional clean air energy, missed the 2nd outside thing. Has brochures, also joanmachlis.com.

Karen Rogers, another candidate (open position): state worker policy specialist for liquor board, environmental background, worked for dept of ecology. On city utility advisory cmte (appointed by Joan). Issues: jobs, wants to bring in another industry besides just the state, green tech; development and how we’re developing, in the way we want to look 50 years from now; being responsive. Has materials, looking for good ideas. Has seen great things happening at the library, Garrett is a friend of hers, sees guiding people along.

Me on garden walk.

Nathan: call for dues. Mostly pays for the newsletter.

Jenni: as of this evening, 22 households paid up for 2009, $235 additional donations. $675 in checking, $1522.42 in savings. Rebate cards from Storman’s, 1% back from purchases (including catering). Discussion of August picnic date, probably 15th or 22nd

Sandia: one of the gardens on the tour, bring empty small containers, she has lots of plants to share!

Walt: once upon a time was President! Was trying to set up a teenage job bank, but of course they graduate, still needs someone with a strong back to mow lawns, pull dandelions, would be up for hiring teen. Has a tiller that could be available for community garden.

Nathan: phone thing.

Tim: friend, Chris Hyde (sp?) is setting up free barter/exchange site. barterolympia (.org? .com?)

Ernest (Stoops?): used to live in Lacey, don’t hold it against him. represents church on (Baptist Emmanual?) State & Phoenix, wants to be able to offer assistance, help in any way he can.

Nathan: thanks, looking forward to seeing everybody at the picnic. Say hello to your neighbors!