4/17/19 Swantown Inn 7-8:30 pm


Board members – Sheena Pietzold, Brad Archbold, Nathan Allan, Sherry Chilcutt, Brian Brannies, Jim Sweeney, Roger Horn, Jim Rioux.

Others: Amy Hill

  1. Minutes from last month approved
  2. Website updates needed – calendar, board members/officers
  3. CNA update: Jim Sweeney –
    • The Growth Management Hearings Board had a hearing on the merits of the Missing Middle zoning ordinance and found the SEPA process wasn’t done correctly.
    • There was an overview of development projects completed downtown in the last few years due to the downtown building ordinance. 1600 dwelling units have been added downtown. The issue of property tax exemptions for these developments that now have some units being used for Airbnbs is going to the Land Use Hearings Committee.
    • Capital City Marathon is coming up on May 19th. The route goes down Eastside over the freeway, so it may impact the neighborhood.
    • Jim will share the letter the ENA wrote regarding the armory with the CNA now that it’s signed and official. Perhaps the new head/president of the boys and girls club might be interested in reconsidering if they want to use the building.
  4. Treasurer’s report from Sherry:
    • Checking: $300.59
    • Savings: $1059.07
    • Neighborhood Signs: $1301.63
    • Legion Way Trees: $152.32
    • Community Beautification: $407.76
    • The credit/debit card is definitely active now (to pay for survey monkey)
    • It’s hard to tell who is paying dues because of how it’s set up on the website, we only get email addresses.
  5. Mural update – The City’s original plan for the spraygound at Lions Park had the pump house located by the street but neighbors didn’t want to have the possible noise, so it will now be right behind the tennis court wall. The matching grant we applied for was denied because any mural on the back side of the tennis court wall would be blocked by the pump house. Perhaps we could put a mural on the pump house in the future.
  6. Variety Show update: Roger – This year it will be held on June 1st from 3-5pm at the Salvation Army Worship Center (we can use the space from 2-6 for setting up/taking down). We are partnering with the Bigelow Highlands neighborhood. Roger sent an email to those who participated last year to see if they would be interested again this year. 3 responded with yes, and one more for sure from Bigelow Highlands. Roger might put a notice on Nextdoor to see if we can get more performers. We could use 7-8 people to volunteer. It sounds like several folks that helped last year will be willing to help again this year. Roger will see if a sign company can update the vinyl sign that was made last year.
  7. Block Parties and Picnic updates – Brian reached out to the City about reserving the shelter for the picnic date, but hasn’t heard back. All 4 of the block party hosts from last year said they’d host again this year.
  8. Sub-area plan update: We are getting started on the community connections section, and planning to have a town hall meeting on June 8th from 9:30am to 12pm at the First United Methodist Church. We’re asking if Stacey from the City will be the facilitator. We have 1 survey remaining. The 3rd survey is out right now (related to crime and safety) and we may extend the deadline to April 28th.
  9. Other business:
    1. Charlie Stevens from SWONA wants a letter signed that talks about climate change. When Roger gets it from Charlie, he will distribute it to the board to review and consider.
    2. Brad and Nathan will look into possibly applying for a City Pathway Grant for a path from Central onto Madison Elementary School grounds.
    3. Discussed having a candidate forum again this year, perhaps at the Elks again in early October.
    4. Amy Hill was voted on as a new member to the ENA board.