5/15/19 Swantown Inn 7-8:30 pm


Board members – Nathan Allan, Sherry Chilcutt, Jim Sweeney, Amy Hill, Jim Rioux, Roger Horn, Brian Brannies, Sheena Pietzold

  1. Treasurer’s Report:
    • Checking: $444.11
    • Savings: $1059.24
    • Neighborhood Signs: $1301.84
    • Legion Way Trees: $152.37
    • Community Beautification: $407.85
    • Expenditures coming up – picnic (about $150), block parties (none expected), variety show ($150), survey monkey 6/13 is the start of the next billing cycle
  2. CNA update: Jim S. –
    • Presentation from Evergreen Students for their capstone project – what would improve the CNA website and make it more dynamic, timely, and get more interest from folks?
    • Olympia Planning Commission’s public notice process: Before public hearings they send 2 emails to recognized neighborhood associations (RNAs). They are looking at this process and how to keep it up to date and maybe come up with a better system. They have been hearing concerns from constituents about the lack of notice ahead of time.
    • Candidate forums – they like the idea and are supportive of one happening on the Eastside. They would like to see one on the Westside too.
    • Jim S. will be gone later this summer, Jim R. will act as a backup for CNA.
  3. Variety show update: Roger – Roger got the vinyl sign updated for the correct dates. Right now we have seven performers confirmed, maybe eight. There will be a rehearsal night to bring them to the space and see what their needs are, etc. Roger posted a Nextdoor event, and will do a follow up post next Wednesday. Nathan will put it up on the ENA website and Facebook after Roger sends him the info. We are looking for volunteers/refreshment providers. Angie from Bigelow Highlands is making half-sheet fliers to hand out and will probably provide most of the food. We’ll bring the plates/cups/napkins, etc. Still looking for emcee, but might have someone interested from Bigelow Highlands.
  4. Charlie from SWONA wants to come to our next Board meeting to talk about a climate change letter pushing Council to do something.
  5. Sub-area plan update – On 6/8 we are hosting a Town Hall meeting from 9:30-12 at FUMCO. MaryGrace Goddu (from the City) and the Core Team will facilitate. We’ll have easels set up to take notes and help with the demonstration to help folks talk about the plan. We’d like to see public participation in going over each main item (almost item by item) basically following the surveys, but prioritizing all the actions with a short, mid, and long-term focus. We would like to have refreshments, coffee etc. Jim R. has a big coffee maker, board voted to spend $50 on refreshments. The 4th survey still out, this Sunday is the deadline but we could extend it. We’ll just want to cancel Survey Monkey by June 12th to save the next month’s fee.
  6. Block parties – Not everyone who is volunteering to host is available on 7/12. If moved to 7/19, not better for other volunteers. We agreed that we could do them on different weekends and maybe we could even add one or two other volunteers. Amy is interested in hosting as well.
  7. Armory Letter – Jim S. sent the letter about preserving/reusing the armory to everyone it was addressed to. Denny Heck’s office said he would follow up. Jim also had a discussion with Chris Woods, (new) President of the Boys and Girls Club of Thurston County who said he would take it to his board to reconsider using the building.
  8. We have a neighbor trying to make a garden in one of the empty lots on Union. Perhaps if they can provide a vision to the Board and it sounds reasonable, we might be able to support her in some way. Maybe we could invite her to a meeting to discuss.
  9. Meeting minutes from April were approved