ENA Board Meeting
Dec 24, 2022
7:00 PM
1613 Union Ave SE

Attendees: Roger Horn, Sherry Chilcutt, Jim Sweeney, Karen Lang Sweeney, Abigail Atwombly, Cheryl Bayle

Approval of the minutes:

No minutes available from Annual meeting.

Treasurer Report:

Checking $699.40
Savings $963.62
Neighborhood signs $1307.39
Legion Way Trees $153.46
Community Beautification $410.17
Grand total $3534.04

Annual General Meeting Report, Nov. 30 th

About 20 people came. There was significant snow that evening which lowered attendance. We have email addresses that need to be entered into our new system. We will hold this item till Nathan returns and we can quiz him. Jim Sweeney will send thank you email to Angel Nava and Stephanie Johnson.

Mailing address

List Still in progress. Cheryl would love to get her hands on the large map that Jim Rioux has to help her identify address associated with vacant parcels.

Oly Lightstravaganza report

Doing a great job with outdoor events. Several more events coming.

Winter Walkabout

Instead of our traditional walkabout, we might ask people to pick the top 3 holiday displays and let us know. We will award a prize to the top 3. We are going to skip the mapping exercise this year due to a lack of energy. Roger will write a blurb and post it on the website. We will give $30 gift cards to Big Toms or Left Bank. Roger will write a blurb on Saturday and Sherry will put it on Nextdoor. People will be invited to email Roger with their picks.

Email List Issues

Jim Rioux is not getting all the board emails, through google groups. We will commit to adding Jim’s personal email in our communications forever.

RNA grant blurb finished?

Roger and Sherry will work on that and get it sent in by end of year.

Land use & env committee-Neighborhood center

Dec.15th Jim Sweeney is available for online attending and keeping us in the loop to see where we are with the neighborhood center.

Mail chimp – vs website

Where do new emails get added? Hold for future meeting.

New Board members and looking to elections.

Abigail will join the board. Dave Groves was ill tonight and will attend a future meeting. Roger has agreed to continue as Vice President, Jim Sweeney was voted in as secretary and Sherry will continue her dual role as Treasurer/President.

Looking towards 2023

What projects are we considering?