Edit: All instances of “Jeni” corrected to “Jenni”.

November 20th Board Meeting

Present: Luke Bowerman, Whitney Bowerman, Jeni Jenni Fleming, Ann Mataczynski, Chad Akins, Elaine Nelson, Mark Dericott (guess), Nathan Allan

Notes taken by Elaine Nelson

1. October minutes reviewed

Spelling of Jeni’s name corrected. Minutes accepted with corrections.

2. Board elections (Feb 2009)

we need 3 new board members to get to 10-member quorum, plus we need almost all new officers. Jeni Jenni will be continuing as Treasurer. Elaine volunteered to take on secretary. Ann would be willing to stay on for the numbers. Sam and Tim are still definitely on board, and we’re assuming that Jessie is still on.

We all need to do some inviting — in person, on the site, in the newsletter. Luke will reuse last year’s article for recruitment.

Chad suggested only 5 people required on the board? General discussion is that the neighborhood is too big, and with only 5 people it’s hard to assume everyone will be there. Nathan said that maybe we can get people for perspective, are there past people we can ask to do? It’s just hard to get to the meetings sometimes, just commit to a couple of board meetings and be active by email.

3. New bank account

We have a new account at same institution (WSECU), since many prior signatories are no longer available.

We discussed who to put on the account. According to Jeni Jenni, we just need to put into the meeting minutes who is a signatory. Agreed that the signatories will be President (Luke) and Treasurer (Jeni Jenni).

Chad talked about using the info to do donations.

We talked about BBQ for future picnics, Chad asked about buying one, could be tricky. Luke suggested renting one next year.

4. newsletter

Don is no longer a reliable printing source, we had it printed at d’oops for $170. We have 2 reams of the large size paper remaining, which is enough for the February newsletter.

After February, we agreed to go to a smaller size (probably legal) with additional information on the web. We may be able to use the city copier with that size, which we can’t do now. Also, the paper costs half as much for legal vs 11×17.


  • general meeting agenda: open mic, elections, and *something*
  • elections
  • Jessie’s meet your neighbor
  • garden tour follow-up, Chad will write together with Tim
  • pesticide-free project (if follow-up is available)
  • walk and roll program?
  • “we’ll promote your club” article, Elaine will write


  • Swantown Inn
  • Olympia Coffee?
  • Chad will approach Einmalens, Bike Stand, Bike Tech, Gravity Bar
  • Reneta (sp?) Wilson, insurance agent
  • Luke has info for Brooks Plumbing, Compass Rose

We can fit maximum four ads (if too many, Nathan will give up their ad). We discussed web advertising for future.

Luke mentioned the new OPD Google Map of crime incidents. Some discussion of auto theft issues, some tree-related vandalism, empty houses, issues at Lions Park followed.

Chad asked about doing newsletter routes on Google Map. Elaine & Luke said it’d be arduous.

Denise Halloran has been working with the city — Boundary St to get speed reduction measures in 2012, traffic study done “neighborhood traffic management” between 10th & Legion. What she did: wrote formal letters, they did a traffic study, person who applies has to find someone to staff the speed trailer.