Minutes taken by Elaine Nelson, Secretary, October 15, 2009
Called to order 7:01 pm

Opening remarks by Nathan, thanks Carol & Bill of CoG for letting us meet here.

Volunteering: Nathan Allan

ENA relies on volunteers. Always want people to help on the board, we try to do one big project a year. Lots of other opportunities, don’t have to turn up all the meetings to participate. Newsletter delivery, routes of 20 – 80 newsletters. Garden walks, 2 last year, need help organizing, unless we have people to run it, hard to put together. Annual picnic, 7 or 8 years now, this year with grill donated from Party Outfitters, always need volunteers, plus free food!

We need to replace president, he took it on because there was no one who would, a new person can volunteer now and learn the ropes before taking over in full in February. Our n’hood is one of the most active, people in other associations say we are the only one w/regular newsletters, annual picnics. Bev mentions grants, which we’ve received in the past, including Healthy Lifestyles, Safe Routes. You may be thinking: don’t have time or skills, but really enthusiasm is the most important aspect!

Treasurer’s Report: Jenni Fleming

Checking: 818.24; Savings: 1554.05; Signs fun 1286.71; 75 paid members

Open Mic

Woman with rain barrel from Gardener Supplies, french rain barrel, turned out to be too big for the space. Willing to sell for way less than she paid!

Candidates’ Forum

Candidates who spoke:

  • Two port commission candidates (don’t have names recorded)
  • Karen Rogers
  • Karen Veldheer
  • Steven Buxbaum
  • Jeannine Roe
  • Joe Hyer
  • Tony Sermonti

Adjourned for snacks and conversation.