Neighborhood Annual Picnic and Public Works Open House in the Park – Aug. 4th, 4 pm

The Eastside Neighborhood Annual Picnic will take place Saturday August 4, 2018 from 4:00 to 7:00 PM at the Lions Park shelter.
Big Toms will generously provide burger fixings again! We’ll do hot dogs as well, with non-meat options available. Please feel free to bring a side dish to share with your neighbors, pot luck style.
In addition to getting together with your neighbors for fun stuff and great food, this year we are adding a special activity we’re calling:
Public Works Open House in the Park. 
Staff from the City of Olympia Public Works Department and Eastside Neighborhood Association Board members will be there to to listen to your concerns and ideas about streets, sidewalks, sewers, water, storm water, garbage and recycling. Do you have a favorite pothole you’d like to see filled or an idea for a bike route or walking path? Then bring it to the picnic. We want to hear from you. While we can’t guarantee the pothole will be filled, we will make sure your comments are considered in the Eastside Neighborhood Subarea Plan which is currently being drafted.

Eastside Neighborhood Block Parties – July 13, 5 – 8 pm

The Eastside Neighborhood Association (ENA) is sponsoring four block parties in our neighborhood on Friday, July 13th from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. The City has now approved closures of the four blocks where the parties will be held. And it’s likely that a police rep and a city council member or two will drop by to chat with us. The party hosts will provide some food and activities. Please bring your own potluck dish or beverage. Each party will have its own set of activities. People of all ages are welcome to attend. If you have a yard game to share, or a musical instrument you’d like to play, please bring it along. You may also want to bring a chair or two.

Here are the locations of the four parties:

1. Sawyer St. SE between 7th & 9th

2. Lybarger St. SE between 10th & Union

3. McCormick St. SE between 13th & 14th

4. 5th Ave. SE between Fir & Fairview

This is the third annual block party evening. Both prior years the parties were well-attended and got excellent feedback. The goal of the parties is to help members of the Eastside Neighborhood get to know each other and make our neighborhood safer and more connected. We hope you can make it!

Thurston County Food Project Pick-up – April 14

The next Thurston County Food Project pick-up is coming up on Saturday, April 14. Please place your green bag on your porch by 9:00 am and your neighborhood coordinator will pick it up.

The suggested theme for April is canned soup.
Wondering what the Food Project is and how to get involved? Learn more here, or contact Whitney at 360-556-0337 or

Eastside Neighbor-Tainment Variety Show

When: Saturday, April 14th, 2:30 to 4:30

Where: Salvation Army Worship Center on 4th & Central

What: A family-friendly variety show

Cost: FREE

Performances include: Poetry readings, Middle Eastern dance, drumming, piano-playing, guitar-playing, singing, story-telling, and maybe more. Variety for all ages.

Refreshments will be provided.

Doors open at 2 p.m.

Brought to you by the Eastside Neighborhood Association

Bringing neighbors together!


Neighborhood Meeting Minutes January 2018

Present: Sam, Roger, Nathan, Sheena, Jim, and Charlotte

Location: Elks Lodge
Minutes from December meeting approved with minor corrections.
Treasurers Report Approved
• Savings 1062.74
• Signs 1300.02
• Trees 151.99
• Community Beautification 507.00
• Checking 386.21

1. Sub-area plan – summary plan reviewed and milestones discussed. Talked about the missing middle and it’s relationship to the plan. Sub-area planning special topic #1 will be the missing middle. They will address it before the whole rest of the plan is done. The core team will discuss next steps at their next meeting. The city is pulling data for the beginning of the plan. Question about expanding the boundary of the neighborhood will also be addressed. It would be good to have a 4 by 6 size post card about the plan to out in the neighborhood. The City is willing to print them for free. Or it would be $75 to order them on line. During the general meeting we will provide an overview of the sub-area plan process. The Core Team meeting will be on 1/26th. The hope is to complete the sub area plan by the end of the year.
2. Missing Middle – If ENA is going to have a position on the missing middle it needs to be sent by the end of February to the planners at the city. On February 7th the City of Olympia will present information about the missing middle at our General Meeting. The board approved a request that we send a position letter on the missing middle to the City. The main topics will be our request that they slow down their process so we have time to work on our sub-area plan and for more citizen input about the missing middle. We will wait until after the general meeting on 2/7. Other issues of concern are about potential landlords that won’t live in our neighborhood and developers buy up run down homes and build multi-family apartments. Sheena will draft a letter for the board.
3. Neighborhood Mailing – It will include information about the meeting on the 7th at New Bridge. Sam read a draft letter which was approved by the board. Nathan will provide calendar information to be printed and added to the mailing. We have all the pieces for the letter now. Sam will send an e-mail invitation to board members about a time to meet to stuff the letters for mailing at Beer Work’s.
4. Kiosk and Grants – We got a time extension to build the kiosk we were granted funds to construct. We can have 2 years. The grants are available again. The board discussed the possibility of applying for funds to build another kiosk maybe at Madison Scenic Park or near the Swantown Inn. We need more funds for dog poop bags. The board also considered the possibility of applying for a gateway treatment. We could apply for funds to pay someone to plan for treatments at multiple entry points. Applications are due at 5 P.M. on March 1st. It was requested that members come to the next meeting of the board with concrete ideas. Next meeting will be February 21st.
5. Window Sticker and Dues – We have our Window stickers for people who pay their dues.
6. Winter Walk About – there were 9 windows decorated for the winter walkabout. About 20 people walked. There was a big loop all around the neighborhood as far down as 5th and Boulevard.
7. Caroling – It was great. About 35 people participated. Next year we need a list of people that want to be caroled to. And/or have a few/core people who practice and know the songs. We could create our own ENA caroling books, and modify the words specific to the neighborhood. Could put a list of songs and music posted on the Facebook page.
8. Map your neighborhood thing – Mapping places where vulnerable people live and were there are resources. Sandia is working on this. She sent out a message about it. There will be a training on March 21st on Tilly road about it. Could be done block by block. The board will encourage people to do it but not take it on. Sandia will have our support as a board.
9. Annual meeting – We may not have minutes from the 2017 General Mtg. but last year we talked about homeless population. Guests – Leonard or Joyce from the City of Olympia will attend the meeting and present about the Missing Middle. Agenda = review the subarea plan 10 minutes, Missing Middle 30 minutes, Elections 5-10 minutes. Question time 10 minutes. Sam will share events, we’ve done, the core sub-area team will talk about the sub-area plan. Board elections of volunteers will be done as a group, “all in favor”. Than approve a slate for the board later. We will announce the plans for the talent show in April. Refreshments, Sam will bring coffee, Jim and Charlotte will bring something. They will have coffee maker. They have a new 50ft TV screen if we want to display stuff. City could use it for their display. Roger will bring something to eat as wll.
10. Board Updates – We can have no fewer than 10 no greater than 20 members. All current board members are due to end their term this year. They are 2 year terms. We need to try to get ½ the board to come off in 2019. All officer positions are up for re-appointment every year.
11. Talent Show in April – Richard Peace, Salvation Army could host at no cost and they would cover the insurance. The building has a separate room for refreshments. Hank will be the MC and will play his guitar if people want accompaniment. There is a piano available. 200+ chairs Available and they have a low stage. There’s space available to do a sing along. The event will be from 2:30 to 4:30. Call it the Eastside Neighbortainment Show. Available on the 14th . Yes, the Salvation Army. Need a planning committee to work on it. Work with schools to get young people to come. Performers represent the neighborhood. Other neighborhoods can come. Everyone that performs does 5 minutes. One performance. Family appropriate only. Open to participation from other neighborhood associations?
12. Next meeting will be held on February 21 from 7-8p