Neighborhood Chipping Event

Have you got branches that need to be chipped? The city is providing a FREE chipper, Saturday May 5 at 609 Frederick St SE; we’re the third event of the day, so they’ll probably be at our location around 11:30 a.m. You can start dropping off branches at 6:30 a.m.; go down the alley behind Frederick.  (The pile will be very obvious!) Download the Chipping Event flier for additional information.

What can I chip?

  • Limbs and branches up to 6” in diameter (longer is better).
  • Woody debris from shrubs and plants.

What can’t I chip?

  • Vines like ivy and blackberry.
  • Holly or other thorny material.
  • Juniper.
  • Twisted branches like rhododendron.
  • Limbs with wide forks.
  • Dirt-covered branches.
  • Lumber—we can’t risk damaging the machine with a nail.

DO NOT bring anything that can’t be chipped!

May General Meeting

All are welcome!
Thursday, May 10, 2007 at 7pm
The Light and Life Bible Fellowship Building
at the corner of 7th and Fairview

Waste Reduction Presentation

A City of Olympia Public Works representative will give a presentation about the Cityʼs waste reduction plans, zero-waste initiative and other solid waste programs.

Neighborhood Sign Project

The ENA board will update folks on the status of the neighborhood sign project and sign-up volunteers to help two with upcoming work parties (May 12th and June 2nd) to finish the sign project.

Madison Scenic Park Development Forum

At General Meeting the ENA Board is holding an open forum on the development of Madison Scenic Park for residents of the neighborhood. Whether youʼre 3 or 93 years old, this is your park, in your neighborhood and we want to hear all of your ideas. So far the board has the following list of ideas and projects to hopefully make this park a showpiece within Olympia;

  1. Create a Pea Patch to replace the one the neighborhood is loosing on 13th Avenue.
  2. Reorient and replace the dilapidated stage to take advantage of the natural amphitheater the landscape presents.
  3. Fix the railing and regrade the path that leads up to the top of the neighborhood.

The ENA Board will present these ideas with any others the community comes up with for consideration to the City of Olympia.

Help Keep Sidewalks Clear

Please help make our neighborhood accessible for all who live and work here. When brush, debris, or cars block sidewalks and walking paths, it makes passing difficult and sometimes dangerous for those on foot, in strollers, wheelchairs, or children on bicycles.

Parking on sidewalks or in walking paths is prohibited and damages the sidewalk. Overgrown vegetation can both pedestrians and also obstructs visibility around corners for walkers, cyclists, and drivers alike. Please do your part to keep our pathways clear.

Cleanup After Your Pets
Just like keeping sidewalks and paths clear of obstructions provides for a more walkable community for all of us, so does keeping your pet’s waste out of public areas.

Summer Picnic – Ideas or Suggestions?

Spring is here, the tulips are blooming, and summer is right around the corner! It’s time to start planning the Eastside Neighborhood summer picnic. The picnic will be in Lions Park on August 18th. It’s a great event for adults and kids and a chance to get to know your neighbors.

Do you have a band or know of a great band that might be willing to play for part of it? Do you have suggestions for games or activities? Do you make a mean potato salad that you’re willing to bring? Any other great ideas?

Get involved and send your ideas to or call (360) 570-0947.

Old Madison Renovation

Doug Drainville, Pastor of Ministry Development – The renovation of our new facility is going well. The fire sprinklers are currently being installed and should be completed in April. To our surprise the heating system is intact, with only a new fuel-efficient boiler and a few other repairs needed. The offices are being completely revamped and should be complete near the end of April.

We discovered to our dismay that the the large gym floor was asphalt instead of concrete. It allowed moisture to come up through it so we broke it all up and moved all 42+ tons out with wheelbarrows to be recycled! We have a brand new concrete floor with built-in radiant heating.

We’re also working on the burglar system, replacing the pod windows, and putting in a pervious asphalt parking lot. Then we can get to landscaping and other finishing work.

Our goal for our first regular service is October 7, and of course, everyone from the neighborhood is invited.