June board minutes

These are draft minutes taken by Elaine Nelson, the ENA Webmaster, filling in for the secretary.

ENA Board Mtg Minutes
515 Central St.
Thurs., June 15th, 7pm



  • Jody S.
  • Margaret
  • Ann
  • Nate
  • Terry
  • Elaine (taking minutes in lieu of the absent secretary)
  • Sarah Clinton
  • Katie
  • Mark
  • [church guy]

Reviewed minutes. Question clarifying potential development on 11th & Central, office space, discussion of difficulty to see the yellow notice sign.

Jody is taking land-use notices from the city and putting them in a binder; passed it around. Terry has a mapping system, could plot them out on the map. Jody and Terry will discuss it later. [would that be good for a Google map (like on the ENA homepage)?]

Minutes were moved, seconded, approved.

Jerome Parker at last meeting about log export facility. Mark wrote a letter to be sent to the city council, with editing by Jody. Reviewed the letter. [I missed a chunk of what Mark said — ah, no rush in talking to Jerry (???).] Will let him know when it’s the best time to send it. Could be some tricky issues with appropriate timing, and when the city council can/will pay attention. Terry: do we want a response from the council letting us know what they plan to do? Mark didn’t see it as necessary to require a response; just want to let the city know where we stand. Jody: included cc to port — is that a good thing? Mark: do we want to tip our hand? Would it be useful? Terry: doesn’t think it’ll influence them at all, referenced the recent protests. Margaret: doesn’t think it’ll make any difference, but is probably the right thing to do. Others concur. Mark: could also copy or address to the city manager. Nate suggests a copy to the Olympian, might annoy some but also have influence. Katie asks what news coverage has been: some, fairly mild. Ann passed around some articles from the Green Pages. Terry was at a planning meeting about this; they have a number of trucks that bounces around, and if they really plan to go 24/7, number could double.

Will address to city council, cc Steve Hall, Port, Olympian. I can also post to Olyblog. If somebody wants to rework as a letter to the editor, that would be great.

Mark also has some articles on ship exhaust.

Action: authorize Jody to send letter at the appropriate time. Moved, seconded, approved.

Entrance sign project

No updates from Jessica. Nate has a vector version of the logo, so it can be resized. He doesn’t think Ziegler’s is ever going to get back to us. Margaret talked about the signs at East Bay Drive. Nate might take some pictures. Which kind of sign? Either can be done. We’ll do the reflective aluminum style. Also, a two-post sign might have room for hanging meeting notices. Size? 2×3 feet — which direction, where does the name go? Nate will do a mockup by the next meeting. He’s been keeping Ken (artist) in the loop. Discussion of locations.

Chipping events

Margaret: went fine, they arrived early, stayed almost the whole two hours. Not too happy with the city people’s attitude, showing up early and only wanting to stay while people were there.

Jody’s report from Tom: has had problems with people dumping debris at his house, including debris that couldn’t have been chipped. Might be good for next year to not include his address, only the phone number so people have to call first. Jody’s other idea: would like to set up a work party to help grab all the junk Tom can’t use and haul it to eastside yard waste place. Minimal charge to drop off. Margaret’s truck is available, but not this Saturday. Mark would be happy to help. Jody will talk more and let everybody know. Sarah also has a truck. Authorized spending money to dump: moved, seconded, passed.

Church update (at old Madison School)

Moving forward, finishing building planning. Trying to get in ASAP, going through conditional use process. Roof, parking are particular issues. Will be making lot more pervious. (?) Tests to be done on soil. Not planning a lot of structural changes. Current design will take some of field for parking. Timeline: still don’t know, depends on application approval.

Want to do an outdoor sale, people in the church want to contribute to the costs of moving/building/etc, through this sale. Would like to invite ENA as well; benefits of any individual’s sale would be up to that individual. Probably to be held in July. Promotion could be done jointly. Like the DNA sale, and Carylon (?) association does the same thing. Everybody would run their own table, and promote as neighborhood sale.

Brought up Jean’s comments as in the last minutes (April meeting), her concern about the organizational or financial stability of the church, whether they’ll be required to spend any money up front. They are spending plenty on the fixing-up side! Terms are favorable to them; they don’t do an offering/pass a plate, removed it from the service. Did it for the first time last week; after that, he’s excited. (Good response, obviously.) Looking forward to getting in & staying. Planning a school? No.

Timing of garage sale? Mark suggests holding off until August to coincide with promotion of picnic. Would have it at the Madison ballfield.

Issues with covered area — people taking shelter, building bonfires. Call him — call the police. Talking about making it more presentable/dressy.

Guard Training

Margaret: upset about training exercises (riot control) in the school grounds. Has never seen them doing that there before. Concerned/upset about it being done so close to the protests. Jim sent emails to the school board; their response was that they didn’t know what was going on. Letter — school grounds are parks when schools are not in session. Training was already scheduled for that time.

Mark mentioned noise complaint. Jody asked Margaret to draft a letter on our behalf; she will also be continuing to follow up with the parks dept. Terry expressed concern about continuing encroachment of military. Discussion of the protests and what actually happened. Will talk more via email.

Treasurer report

Doing a lot better than used to be doing — people responded. Up to about $500 ea. in checking/savings. Nate: how many people signed up after general meeting? Approx. 20. Will have a formal report for next meeting. Took the rest of his time to read sound bites about cargo ship exhaust. Ew!

Requested amendment to earlier motion: Jody to send final version of letter after edits.


Terry doesn’t want to do ice cream distribution this year. Margaret is in favor of continuing and will volunteer. Mark thinks 200 is too many, maybe just 100 or 150 split between the two spots. Need at least one other person…. Usually distribute about an hour before fireworks. Volunteer Jessica? Last year we got a $25 grant from Ralph’s towards purchase. Jody will see about getting a contribution this year.


Edison & Legion person had car breakin, bike was stolen. A couple of other people in that general area have had car breakins as well. Keep an eye out!

City governance committee meeting

Police chief spoke, provided disc with presentation and specific reports. Will be posted on our site. Nate: in general, a band of crime along 4th through downtown & Lacey. Police can’t follow trends if people aren’t reporting. Some interesting stuff about traffic patterns & accidents, too.


We’re okay financially to do a real newsletter. Terry has several committments for ads. Need a new rep after August. Deadline for ads will be two weeks before content deadline. Katie’s due date (baby!) is July 10, so earlier for everything is better. Discussion of costs of different sizing. Terry would like extra copies to be able to show businesses.

Will table issue of new ad rep until next meeting.

Content? Discussion of tear-off — dues, ads, signs checkboxes. Story for this time or next: what does the association do for you? Yard sale, picnic. Summary of healthy lifestyle activities? Mark will be the profiled board member. Shooting for one-page foldover.

Some problems with delivery — Katie & Jody never got theirs. Discussion of history of newsletter distribution issues.


Jody will follow up with Storman’s.

Elaine will look into selling tshirts, etc. via CafePress.

Ann, Mark, and Elaine will donate their healthy lifestyle stipends to the sign fund.

Updates to June board meeting agenda

Please note the following updates to the agenda for the June board meeting:

  1. Kraig Chalem, of the City of Olympia, will not be attending
  2. We will not be discussing the Bread & Roses women’s shelter on 8th Ave., as the plan to move men temporarily into that shelter has been abandoned, due largely to city conditional use permit requirements and individual neighbor feedback.  No further action is necessary at this time on this matter.

Toddler/senior stroll to Bigelow Park

Join your neighbors for a stroll next Saturday, June 17 at 10 am at the New Madison Elementary School playground. We’ll be walking to Bigelow Park for refreshments provide by the ENA. This route is particularly designed for toddlers and seniors: bring the whole family!

This event is part of the Healthy Lifestyle Club series.

April board meeting minutes

Minutes from the ENA board meeting on Thurs April 21, 2006

Held at Jessica Archer’s house

Board members present

Margaret Frost
Katie Stoll
Ann Mataczynski
Nathan Allan
Jody Suhrbier
Casey Frazier
Carol Wilson
Terry Zander
Jessica Archer

Steve Lyons and Jean Keoning (not sure of the spelling) were also in attendance.

Special Guest speaker was Jerome Parker

The minutes from the last board meeting were read and approved with the correction of Jim’s Rioux last name. Jody made the motion and Margaret seconded it.

Jerome Parker told us about the proposed increased activity at the port of Olympia. Weyerhauser has proposed to greatly increase their current level of activity at the port and greatly increase the number of log trucks using Plum Street. He is representing the Citizens for Public Accountability and they are very concerned that no environmental impact statement was done before improving this change.  He asked for our support and will keep us informed on how things are progressing.

Jody is continuing to monitor any developments concerning the development on the corner of 11th and Central. She will continue to be in touch with the planners.

Old Madison school sale is still in the process Jean expressed some concern about amount of traffic that will be generated by the church development. She is also concerned about any payment arrangements the school district may be considering involving the church.

The entrance signs continue to be discussed and we are still looking for the best way to spend the money. There are many options for the posts, materials, and methods to put them up. We will pursue donations for materials, labor and the actual making of the signs. We will decide on the locations after we know the exact number of signs we can afford. We are hoping to be able to do at least 8 signs. Jessica agreed to contact business and see if they would sponsor a sign or make a contribution to the fund. She
will put together a flyer to hand out to businesses and offer them free advertising in the newsletter. Jessica will also put together a presentation for the general meeting to try to drum up some interest.

We were awarded the Active Lifestyle grant. We received $3000.00 Terry and Jody are working on a schedule of events. and other board members have offered to help or lead a walk or ride. Terry will have a presentation for the May general meeting. The kick off party will be June 3rd at Lions Park. Terry has sucessfully gotten some donations and offers of help from businesses. Anyone who volunteers to lead a walk can receive $50.00. The culmination of events will be at the neighborhood picnic on August 19th.

The general meeting is scheduled for Thurs May 11th. It will be at the usual church location and some board members have agreed to help with coffee and goodies.

Jody will ask a representative of the Parks department to come and talk about the Madison Scenic Park, the possibility of a Sonic basketball court, and any dog park plans More information will be given on the sale of old Madison and the Active Lifestyle program.

The schedule was discussed for distribution of the newsletter.

Mark reported that we need to generate some more income to cover the newsletter costs. We discussed charging $50.00 for a business card size ad, $100.00 for a bottom of the page ad (equivalent in size to 2 business cards) and $150.00 for 1/4 page ad. The possibility of classified ads from individuals is being considered.

The next board meeting is scheduled for Thurs June 15th at Carol’s house. There will be no board meeting in May.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:13.

Respectfully submitted

Carol Wilson, secretary