Dear Eastside Neighborhood Residents, Workers, Business Owners, etc.,

The Eastside Neighborhood Association has been working on a Subarea Plan for our neighborhood since August 2017. The purpose of our Plan is to come up with recommendations that will improve the quality of life for all people who live or work in the neighborhood.

The Subarea Planning Team is developing the following four Plan Segments, based on input received from neighborhood town halls, surveys, and events:

  1. Neighborhood Density & Character
  2. Public Works/Infrastructure
  3. Crime Prevention & Safety Enhancement
  4. Community Connections

The Segment 1 survey has been reviewed by neighborhood members. The Segment 2 survey is available for your review. Segments 3 and 4 surveys will be available for your review in the next couple months. We will present all four Segments to the ENA Board for their review and approval by the end of June. After it’s approved by the Board, we will send it to the City Council for their review and approval.

Thanks in advance for providing your feedback and ideas on each of the four Segment drafts. We will distribute each Segment over the next four months.

This is Survey #2 – Public Works/Infrastructure. If you do the survey, please look at the recommendations and indicate whether you think they should be included as they are, included with modifications, or left out of the Plan. And please comment on possible changes. Do as much of the survey as you’d like. Please submit this Segment survey by Sunday, March 31st.  THANK YOU!


Any questions? E-mail us at:  [email protected]