New Bridge Community Church has allotted space on their property at Central Ave & 8th-10th Ave to create a community garden space. We want to know if there is the need/interest in the neighborhood to warrant this project. Are you someone who is interested in there being, and/or having the opportunity to grow food &/or flowers with others in a setting where each person or household can have their own plots but where the upkeep, tools, supplies, etc. are shared.

HOPE to HEAR FROM any INTERESTED PARTIES ASAP, for we have to ascertain within the next few weeks if there is enough interest & energy to get this project off the ground for the 2014 growing season, & to see if it will be a sustainable endeavor.
This is an awesome opportunity, but one that will require a couple handfuls of people with varying levels of energy to make it happen. Are you one of those?? There are now six (6) that have expressed interest/commitment so far. ANY MORE??? Contact me at: [email protected]. I’m the liaison for ENA & NBCC on this proposal.