My name is Elaine Nelson, and I’m the 2007 ENA Board President.  I’ve lived on Frederick near Lions Park for five years, and volunteered with the ENA as webmaster for the last few years.  Last week I decided I’d start posting some regular notes about things going on in the neighborhood and with the neighborhood association.  I’ll try to keep it interesting and frequent.

Today’s note….

Early this morning I rode around in a truck with Lee and Ron from Public Works.  We stopped every few blocks along the edge of the neighborhood, yellow lights blinking and me with my cameraphone, setting the final locations for the neighborhood welcome signs.

If you came to the picnic, then you’ve seen the signs.  Otherwise, just visualize the logo on a white, slightly reflective sign with rounded corners. Those signs are going up at visible entry points to the neighborhood, with help from a City matching grant.

It turns out that mostly we can put them up on existing poles, pretty much all light poles.  (Which is sort of annoying, because we bought posts & set them in cement last year, and we’re only going to need a couple, with a few more for backup!) They should have great visibility, too.

We dropped one of the locations: that entrance point at 7th & Boulevard is just too complicated already! But in general, everything’s looking good. The board is reviewing the location information now, and we should be able to hand off to the city by early next week at the latest. (I need to get the pictures from my Windows Mobile phone onto my Macbook, though, which I haven’t done yet and am sort of dreading.)  There’ll be an opportunity to see at least one of the signs installed and get pics, and then every time you drive into the neighborhood — at least along the busiest routes — you’ll be greeted by a lovely Eastside sign.