2020 Winter Window Walkabout

When to tour? December 16th – December 31st

How to tour? Check back here for a map of homes, then take the self guided walk.

Hello Neighbors!

The Eastside Neighborhood Association invites you to walk around the neighborhood to view holiday-decorated windows.  The event is the Winter Window Walkabout and the theme is Community.” We’ll provide a map providing the locations of the decorated windows and we’ll provide a link on Nextdoor and our Facebook page, when the map is ready.

Everyone can participate!

Please consider decorating one or more of your windows prior to the December 16th.  You can use tempera paint (washes off easily), paper, or any other means to reflect the “Community” theme. Think about reflecting the positive aspects of our neighborhood and this year’s holidays. Decorating your window may be a fun thing to do prior to the December holidays. And it will help improve the quality and togetherness of our neighborhood.

You can check out photos of windows decorated by neighbors in past years here: https://eastside-olympia.org/projects/winter-window-walkabout/

And there’s a Pinterest page that has lots of information on window painting: Window Painting Information

And here’s a link to photos of holiday decorated windows on Pinterest: Holiday Window Painting

If you are a window decorating expert, you can share advice on Nextdoor< our ENA Facebook page or volunteer to help decorate somebody’s window.

If you choose to decorate your window, please provide your address through Nextdoor or send it to Nathan Allan (netbloke@gmail.com) or Roger Horn (rogerolywa@yahoo.com) by December 15th.  We will use addresses (not names) to create a map of window locations. You may also contact Roger or Nathan if you have questions or suggestions about the event. 

Hope you will join us and have a fun time viewing the holiday windows in the neighborhood!!!

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