The ENA organizes a painted window event for neighbors to participate in. Whether you paint one of your windows, or you walk the neighborhood discovering them. 

The theme for 2020 has not yet been set.

The last time the event was held it was named the Winter Window Walkabout and the theme was “Winter Wonderland.”

We gathered at the Swantown Inn & Spa, chatted with neighbors, enjoyed cider and cookies, and received a map providing the locations of the decorated windows. You could walk individually or with a group to view the “Winter Wonderland” creations.



Neighbors decorated one or more windows prior to the event night.  They typically used tempera paint (washes off easily), paper, or any other means to reflect the “Winter Wonderland” theme. Decorating windows was a fun thing to do during the holidays. And it was a great part of helping make this event a success.

Neighbors could also skip the event and just view windows when they felt like it. Most windows were left up for at least a month.

You can check out photos of windows decorated by neighbors in past years on the ENA website:

And there’s a Pinterest page that has lots of information on window painting:

If you have window decorating expertise, you can share advice on Nextdoor or volunteer to help decorate somebody’s window.

If you choose to decorate your window, please provide your address to Roger Horn through Nextdoor or at [email protected] .  We will use addresses (not names) to create a map of window locations. You may also contact Roger if you have questions or suggestions about the event.

Hope you will join us for a fun evening or consider decorating your own window!