In 2014 the ENA installed a number of Dog Waste Bag Stations around the neighborhood. These were a joint initiative between the City of Olympia and the ENA, to try and provide an easy way for dog owners to pick up after their dogs.

Neighbors volunteer to host and maintain the station once installed.

To view the sites take a look at this Google Map. It notes where all of the approved sites are. Note that a couple were not installed as the volunteers either dropped out or there were too many in that area.

Want to host a station?

Currently we do not have a station in the top part of the neighborhood, above Lions Park. If anyone would like to host one up there please let us know. Simply contact the ENA.

Maintenance of Stations.

The ENA supplies the volunteer hosts with the dispenser, sign, and if necessary pole to place them on.

After installation, the ENA provides the host with the bags as necessary.

Are you a dog owner who uses the stations?

If you use these convenient stations, please consider making a financial contribution to the ENA through membership. It is simply $10 to $30 per year. You can do so here.

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