ENA Board Meeting

April 12, 2023, 7-8:30 PM

1613 Union Ave SE

Present: Sherry Chilcutt (President/Treasurer), Roger Horn (Vice President), Jim Sweeney (Secretary), Karen Clemens (CNA Representative), Abigail Twombly


1) Approval of minutes:

The March minutes were approved as amended.

2) Treasurer Report:

Checking $571.57

Savings $963.89

Neighborhood Signs $1307.71

Trees $153.54

Neighborhood Beautification $410.32

Total $3,407.03

3) Emergency Management Meeting March 27th

Board members agreed it was a very worthwhile event. Cherie Carey, Thurston County Emergency Management Coordinator, made an excellent presentation and was very engaging. About 20 people attended.

The Board discussed possibly following up with a “Map Your Neighborhood” meeting or “What to do in a year” training.  

4) April Event Advertising:

The event at Beerwerks, April 19 from 3 to 6 PM, is intended to catch people after work; no pressure, just show up. Abigail offered to bring chips and dip. There is good handicapped access to the tent where we will be.

Sherry will post the event on FaceBook. Jim S. or Nathan will post on the ENA website and Nextdoor. Abigail will make sure a sign is posted in front of Beerwerks.

5) May event:

The Board discussed holding a garden-related event in May, including coordinating with other groups such as Master Gardeners, Thurston County Food Bank, Kiwanis Food Bank Garden, GRuB, Olympia Community Garden (1401 13th Avenue SE).  We also discussed organizing a garden tour and gleaning for food bank later in the year.

It was decided to delay the May event to allow more time to plan and connect with other groups.

The Board continued the discussion of events planned for the rest of the year including:

  • June – Big Tom’s
  • July – Block parties (July 8, 4-7PM)
  • August – Annual picnic (Sat. Aug. 12, 4-6PM)
  • Sept. – “Winterize your garden” or another garden-related event
  • October – Talent show (Sat. Oct. 7)

Note that all dates & times are tentative. Please review and bring your ideas to the next meeting May 10th.

6) Utility Committee Report:

Sherry reported on her first Utility Advisory Committee meeting. The committee discussed the effect annexations have, such as the City needing to purchase more trash cans. Also, the EPA has mandated surveying water pipes to identify potential lead contamination in older houses and new standards for PFAS — substances often associated with firefighting foam. The Committee is concerned with equity issues.

7) CNA Report:

Karen briefed the Board on CNA issues including:

  • The Martin Way/Pacific Avenue Crossing Gateway public art project.
  • The East Bay RNA’s oyster seed planting program.
  • Clark Gilman talked about the new parking ordinance.
  • Larry & Melissa are working with the City on a new MOU.
  • Using school buildings for RNA meetings.
  • RNA Grant funds: more funds have been requested than are available.
  • A quarterly forum between the CNA and the Council.

Tim Smith described pending projects including: Unity Commons Phase II, an apartment project on Union & Jefferson, an apartment building near the Westside Lanes bowling alley, a tiny house project on Franz Anderson Road SE.

Karen volunteered to fill a new social activities resource position.

8) AT&T Towers:

A new 120-foot tall cell tower will be constructed in the parking area near the Elks Lodge on 4th Avenue. There were concerns about the public notice for such a visible project, the apparent lack of design review, and the Hearing Examiner’s approval.