April 2013 Board Meeting

Swantown Inn, 1431 11th Ave SE, Olympia
Wednesday, April 19, 2013, 6:30PM until 7:30PM

Monthly Board meeting of the Eastside Neighborhood Association.


  • Review & accept March Meeting Minutes
  • Neighborhood Garage Sale – finalize details
  • May Meeting Agenda / Logistics
  • Mailing Card (newsletter experiment)
  • Sidewalk clean-up planning (date & logistics)
  • Online Payments (demo if it’s ready)

Please send Luke Bowerman, ENA President, any items you have that you would like to discuss.

2 Responses to “April 2013 Board Meeting”

  1. Herb & Stacie Larson

    We’d like to be able to attend the neighborhood meetings, but it doesn’t work out very well when we receive “advance” notice two hours after the meeting. Would it be possible to email this info ahead of time instead?

    • Whitney Bowerman

      Hi Herb!

      I am sorry you didn’t hear about the April Board Meeting until so late. I have a couple of suggestions that I think may help in the future.

      First off, the ENA annual calendar is online – this includes monthly board meetings, quarterly general membership meetings and any other neighborhood events. The calendar may be updated during the year – if new neighborhood events are added – but in general it is pretty set. You can find it here. The actual agendas for board and quarterly meetings are posted closer to the meeting date, but the date is set on the annual calendar.

      Second, the neighborhood’s Nextdoor site is another way to find this information, and I think it is a little easier than the website to easily set your email preferences (to email you every time an event or other item is posted, once a day, or not at all, i.e. you check the website as you so choose to find information). I will email you an “invitation” to join the Nextdoor site. Nextdoor is a private online network for Eastside neighbors – neighbors buy & sell stuff, provide recommendations on contractors and such, and there’s also a calendar with the ENA events (as there is on the website), plus any other events individual neighbors choose to ad.

      In the past the ENA has utilized an email listserve but this hasn’t been used in some time, as the website and Nextdoor seem to take care of the needs that were being addressed by the email listserve.

      If this doesn’t answer your question or otherwise address your needs please do let me know!


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