April 15, 7pm, Light & Life Church (following potluck)

Present: Elaine Nelson, Chad Akins, Bev Kooi, Jenni Fleming, Don LeMaster, Yvonne Fish, Kerry Smith, plus several guests.

Called to order 7:04 pm

Sign distribution – request to put fewer words and bigger lettering. will make blanks to put on the website. suggestion of focusing on “third Thursday”, discussion of formatting for best visibility

Discussion of agenda process – post draft at the beginning of the potluck, have people review and add if necessary. Jenni will bring bulletin board, we’ll have a spot for announcements, signup sheet.

March minutes, moved, seconded, approved.

Business cards (Bev): if you have business cards, share with the people at your table. board members will get them, paid members can also get a set of 10 to have info to share with neighbors. put out sign-up sheets: who has signs, do you want biz cards, would you like meeting reminder call.

Picnic (Chad): had noticed that our picnic and the co-op’s were close together. should we pursue a joint event? need to start planning now. discussion of options. 1980 block party! picnic committee: Chad, Ruth, Don. they will set date, etc.  Chad will check into whether we can coordinate with the co-op on a joint picnic. neighbors or more public?

Member outreach (Chad): incentive idea: reflective house number signs, make it easier for paid members to order from the fire department. ($15) He is willing to do that, thinks it’s a good marketing for the ENA. discussion: what is the value for dues-paying members. [missed a chunk of discussion, something about delivery, and which are legal and which are not. Chad is working on a manual.]

General meetings: move them to the potluck dates.

Newsletter, will have another meeting April 29, 7pm at Don’s to finalize dates, etc. If you’re interested, come.

Spring city grants (Chad): will be looking at, see if it’s something we can/should apply for. due at the end of the month. discussion.

501(c)3 (Chad): will have a presentation/report ready for the next board meeting.

Communications methods: streamlining, especially the Google groups. Elaine would like to have a get-together about the website. Bev is interested in using it as an incentive: able to post if you are only a paid member? Chad is only willing to set it up like that if/when we get our 501(c)3, doesn’t think we should limit our services.

CafePress: items with our logo? Have created some for one-off gifts for past board members. Yes, add to site.

Additional discussion. Chad: open to other ideas for bonus items/incentives at the picnic. Don likes the idea of putting something out with the house sign that includes an ENA sticker. (Chad will post pic of sign)

Adjourned 7:52pm