The board will be meeting on Tuesday, May 11 at 7pm at the Fire Station at 100 Eastside (

Agenda – tentative, please bring/send suggestions

* Meeting schedule (ie, does this work for everybody?)
* Notice posting process (Elaine is working on a process)
* Newsletter (?)
* Non-profit report

Reminder of notes from recent informal meeting:

1) Separating the board meetings from the potlucks. Tentatively, we
are looking at the 2nd Tuesdays for board meetings. We will try this
with our next board meeting, now scheduled for Tuesday May 11 at 7pm.

2) Discontinuing separate “general” meetings, since the potlucks are
open to all members. We do still need to have board elections at the
February meeting/potluck.

3) Don has agreed to take on programming for the potluck evenings.
Anyone who has ideas or connections should let him know.

4) Bev is TEMPORARILY serving as newsletter editor. We discussed
changing the timing and frequency of the newsletter.