ENA Board Meeting

August 9, 2023, 7:00 PM

Swantown Inn, 1431 11th Avenue SE


Sherry Chilcutt (President & Treasurer), Roger Horn (Vice President), Jim Sweeney (Secretary), Karen Clemens (CNA Representative), Abigail Twombly, Jim Rioux, Nathan Allen, Cheryl Bayle


1) Approval of the minutes

The July meeting minutes were approved with changes submitted by Roger and Mark Foutch. Thank you to both.

2) Treasurer Report

$ 571.57 – Checking

$ 964.23 – Savings

$1308.12 – Neighborhood Signs

$ 153.60 – Trees

$ 410.51 – Neighborhood Beautification

$3,408.06 Total, including a recent $50 dues payment.

3) Doughnut Crawl Debrief

Board members agreed the event was a success and if we do it again more people are likely to attend. There were positive comments on the ENA Facebook page.

4) August Picnic planning 

The Board discussed the following assignments:

  • Hank will do music
  • Jim R. will do grilling
  • Roger will bring a second grill for vegetarian and hamburgers, hot dogs, buns, and games
  • Sherry will bring the ice cream maker
  • Nathan will pick up a box of 48 burgers from Big Tom’s
  • Karen will bring 6 table cloths, napkins, and veggies from Ralphs
  • We will have a sign-up table for new members and a donation jar
  • We need to announce the September 30 Fall Festival
  • We can start setting up at 3:00

5) RNA Grant purchasing Apple Press

After purchasing the grill and ice cream maker the grant will fall short of covering the cost of an apple press and a fruit grinder. It was decided to purchase the “Maximizer” press ($699±) and grinder ($299±) with various Board members agreeing to make up the difference.

6) CNA Report

The August meeting is next Monday. The MOU has been approved and the quarterly neighborhood meetings will be scheduled.

7) Fireworks

Sherry received an email response from OPD. Lisa Parshley is expected to bring it up with the City Council.

8) Possible music focused event at Swantown Inn cosponsored by ENA

Nathan said Bradford Loomis is scheduled Wednesday August 30 at 7 PM.

9) September Event

The Fall Festival will be held at Lions Park Saturday September 30 from 10:00 to 2:00.

We will not have an event at Beerwerks in September, but may hold the annual meeting there in November.

We have 10 signs plus Nathan’s bulletin board.

10) Other:

Sherry described the problem accessing Mail Chimp. Nathan will try to access our account using two-factor authenticator.

Roger is going to invite some additional performers. There was general discussion about the using the Armory for the October 14 Talent Show. Roger agreed to contact the Armory manager about the acoustics. He will also meet with Salvation Army Worship Center as a changed location for Talent Show.

Roger, Karen and Jim S. described this morning’s Lions Park sprayground dedication.

Tim Smyth, who lives on 10th Avenue across from the Halloween house, has indicated interest in closing the street to hold a block party. The Board discussed where it would be best to set up, how best to deal with the traffic, and the best time — early evening a few days before Halloween.

Sherry will not be here for September meeting, so Roger will be the acting President.

The meeting adjourned at 8:15.